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Item loot/server

Maybe take all boss loots (the rares) and get a player estimation per server on the cost of these items on each server? It would be a very nice "premium" addition to this website.

This is interesting idea, but in fact I don't know how i would work. You mean to make a tool showing those prices live? Or just collect those data and write it somewhere?

Well a collection of data like how the servers are sorted. It would just be a server estimate  since prices fluctuate so much kind of a min max idea ex

item x "0kk-0kk" honera

item x "0kk-1kk" amera


It would would be pure estimation by looking threw ah or trade forums or just ask

So you have the bossopedia it would be its own tab as "lootopedia" only showing the rares these bosses drop and pricing per server

Yup, I think its useful information. My suggestion is to add ability to make a comment in every boss page in Bossopedia, so ppl could write some stuff about each boss (including prices of rares).

I like the idea. Market trading on various servers was actually like 30% of my gameplay time overall. So I'd be happy to share my knowledge about prices here.