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Interview with a Boss-Hunter: Noether

Hi, Noether, it's great that you agreed to give us an interview! First, tell us who Noether is in real life and in the game? 

It is a pleasure to participate in this interview. I'm Talles, in Tibia my character is Noether, I'm 27 years old and I'm a streamer/programmer. I live on the coast of São Paulo, in Santos.

How did your adventure with Tibia start?

I discovered the game in 2004-2005 through Baixaki (an old download site), which was the top 1 downloaded games and I've always been curious to play RPG. I created my first char and it took me a month to get out of Rookgaard and more or less understand how to play the game.

I really wanted to be a premium account, but at the time it was very difficult because I needed an international card, and you had to buy it for at least three months. Soon my father didn't want me to spend a lot of time on the computer, nor to spend money on online games.

Tell us something about your Tibia routine. What way of playing do you think best describes your character? Charlover, RPG player, or maybe you love to level up regularly? 

I say I'm not a charlover, but everyone says I am, so it's kind of hard to answer this xD. I like the game's RPG, the quest challenge. I think the last two quests implemented were really fun and challenging. Soul War and Primal. And I think it's a shame many players don't even try to do it and just pay for the service. I usually play 3-5 hours a day and normally I always hunt in party, so it turns out that I always level up 1 lvl every two days or so. I'm currently 1700.

If you are here, it means that you love bosses in Tibia as much as we do! How did your adventure in this "boss-business" start?

The first boss I found was General Murius in Mintwalin. I was there leveling up my EK lvl 27 free account killing the minotaurs with some difficulty because that entrance was hard to pass. Then I advanced, I reached the centre of the city, and out of nowhere several minotaurs and General Murius spawned in me. I died instantly and was scared and sad because I lost my backpack and Knight Armor.

After that day, I started to learn more about the bosses and, in a way, it became my hobby in my spare time to check them out. And the fact that quite a few items were worth a significant amount of money helped keep this hobby going.

Do you have your favourite boss-hunters who inspire you? Did someone encourage you to try your hand at it? 

Nobody ever encouraged me, it was rather my own initiative. It's a hobby I like to keep because the thrill of finding a boss or winning a boss like Morgaroth, Ferumbras is really good. I'm friends with some boss hunters like Pacssivia, and I talk to others occasionally, like Alba Troz or Shi En when I'm looking for an item or exchanging information.

What is your relationship with other boss hunters on the server? 


Currently, I switched servers a short time ago, so I don't know how it works here. On the other hand, I know that there are people who help each other since Bosstiary was implemented into the game. I also saw several respawn campers, something I particularly hate. For me, it could be that the boss immediately kills someone who is in his respawn area, or does not appear at all. xD

Tell us something about your greatest achievements and the loot you enjoyed the most! 

In terms of values, my biggest achievement was winning a Ferumbras Hat, but one of the situations I liked the most was getting the last fiery horseshoe from The Abmonination, which I was missing.

And are there any failures that you have had in this field? Any particular bad luck that happened to you while checking out bosses? 

 I've had a lot of bad luck in Bosses. I've already lost several bosses because I went to have a coffee and then go to check and only find the boss's body. Or having just checked in and gone, someone goes 5 minutes later and finds the boss.

Is there any item you still want to loot but haven't yet?

I always wanted to drop an Eye Of The Storm, which I never got. And a Furious Frock. All the ones I've had were bought, finding Furyosa is almost a legend.

Is there an item you've looted that is special to you? 

As I said above the last fiery horseshoe, for me to complete the mount I needed. But also a Hammer of Prophecy which is an item I really like.

Do you sell your looted items, or do you keep them as memorials of your boss adventures?

 I was once a big collector of rares, but I've currently sold most of my items and only have gifts, memorabilia, or items that I really like. One thing I really enjoy is receiving trophies signed by friends I've played with or signing a tapestry of honour of mine. This is much more valuable than most items out there. Because if I lost it I probably wouldn't get it back, and the items eventually you might end up dropping or buying.

What do you miss about the game, being a boss-hunter? Do you have any interesting ideas about what CipSoft could change or add to make our adventures with bosses more interesting?

I miss the Boss Drop I think xD. This question is kind of hard to answer, as the game has evolved a lot. What would be challenging for some, would be fun for other characters which are much stronger. I really enjoyed Morshabaal as it requires you to gather a considerable amount of players and has risk and challenge. At the same time, I didn't like the fact that a person can disturb the boss for 100 players for example.

The only idea I would have at the moment to indicate to Cipsoft would be to rework bosses like Orshabaal, Ferumbras, Ghazbaran and Morgaroth. Nowadays, it's not who, or in the past, the team that came up with a strategy to kill. There are only several stacked players waiting for the boss to respawn and kill him in a timespan of 1 to 3 seconds.

 We all have a lot of theories about bosses. Is there any advice you'd like to share with newcomers to this topic? 

I think the Tibian community speculates things too much, which sometimes gets in the way. I think the concept of “using a pick” in places won't change anything. And too much speculation leads to nothing either. I strongly believe that Cipsoft just didn't finish something - a quest or an item. And the Tibians wants to find some justification for that.

About theories, I think the only one I have would be about Furyosa, apart from the fact that she appears at super troll times (like an hour before server save), I think she respawns several times, but the world change is not active at this moment, which increases the difficulty of finding it.

How has our site helped you in checking out the bosses? How did you find out about

I used to have a spreadsheet for the bosses, which I kept checking. When I found Tibiabosses I dropped it because it was much easier to log in and see which bosses were killed than to look one by one in the kill statistics. This saved a lot of time, apart from the information it gives you about the bosses.

What do you like to do besides playing Tibia?

I really enjoy playing League of Legends and Dota2, but I'm a very competitive person, and I don't like to lose so I end up stressing out a lot with them. At the same time, I like it. So it turns out that I only play when someone calls me so I don't get too angry xD. But outside the computer, I really enjoy running and playing table tennis.

Do you have any tips for the player starting out in the Boss Hunter life?

Bosshunting is luck along with free time availability. You will be lucky to find many bosses, as well as lose several. Eventually whoever has more time ends up finding more because they end up checking more often. If you really want to find some bosses, try to trace a check route, or get a friend to monitor in the time that you won't be able to.

What's your favourite boss?

I really enjoy the thrill of competition, although it's much harder for me to beat bosses, as I'm a Knight. But I would say my top 3 would be:

  • Ghazbaran
  • Zushuka
  • Ocyakao

Besides the theory about the bosses, do you have any theories about the loot? Any special items that you believe are from a boss but haven't looted yet?

I find it difficult, but not impossible. I think if you have any item that hasn't been dropped now it should appear with the bosstiary, since most bosses are being killed in all worlds. The yeti's bunnyslippers has only had a drop screenshot recently, so nothing a Zarabustor or Warlord Ruzad has any secret drops.

We've had some news in-game in the last few months. One is related to the new area of ​​Gnomprona. How has your adventure been there? Any luck with the new bosses?

 I found the area very interesting, I liked the fact that the respawn is faster there, which helps several PTs to hunt at the same time. Another fact that I liked is that you can choose the level of the hunt at any time. If you want to hunt in Hazard 1 or 11, it's up to you. Each one adapts the hunt to their lvl and gameplay. I was very lucky with the Plunders that appear in the hunt, I already caught 40, a considerable amount. But regarding the new boss (Magma Bubble) I didn't drop anything. Primal's boss has the mechanics very well done, I liked the fact that there won't be several 250 doing the quest like in Soul War, decreasing the services. The boss is a good challenge for the guys, from the way to get there until their fight from level 1 to 12.

And now about the new Bosstiary feature. What do you think about it? Do you think it was a good implementation?

 I thought it was a great implementation, it will give more recognition to who is really a boss hunter, and it also encouraged many people to go after bosses. Another reason that I found good was the intensity of drops that increased with this. When the gallery reaches 3 stars and a large number of Boss Points I believe there will be many more items from daily bosses, such as Oberon, Drume, Scarlett. As well as bosses like Morgaroth, Ghazbaran coming a lot more rares around.

What is the impact of Bosstiary in the life of a boss Hunter like you? Did it affect your routine? Are you focused on accumulating points?

 It helped to bring down my stamina, which was already low xD. But as I said, boss hunter life requires time, and for you to accumulate many points you have to do a good rotation of daily bosses. I think that in relation to the routine what has changed is that I end up checking a lot of bosses that I wasn't used to checking. Like the Dreadmaw or Fleabringer, which I only checked eventually if I remembered, and was passing through the area.

Tibiabosses thanks you for your participation! Any final messages for our readers?

Don't waste time using a pick on various things xD. Jokes aside, if you want to become a Boss Hunter, look for information about the bosses, and read about them. Look for information on the Tibiabosses website. Try to make more friends than enemies, because the game is nothing more than a hobby, a place for you to have fun.

What I like about this interview is that it's the first time someone has told the sad truth about bosshunting - nowadays, with this density of information, there are no good and bad bosshunters anymore, and our results depend on how much time we spend checking.
And I 100% agree about the campers xD

Great job Bomdrax, and to you Noether, I wish you even more lucky loots! 🙂

Quote from Makadamia on 3 November 2022, 15:20

What I like about this interview is that it's the first time someone has told the sad truth about bosshunting - nowadays, with this density of information, there are no good and bad bosshunters anymore, and our results depend on how much time we spend checking.
And I 100% agree about the campers xD

Great job Bomdrax, and to you Noether, I wish you even more lucky loots! 🙂

Thank you very much! And thanks to Noether for the interview! I confess that I agree with 99% about campers (I usually use it on White Pale and Rotworm Queen, only on them. Judge me  😥  😳  )

Very good interview from an actual boss checker! Have to agree about the campers as well!  😆