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Faceless Bane - Guide

faceless bane Faceless Bane faceless bane

Requirments for killing this boss:

You will need to get access to The Dream Courts Quest , and you will have to do the task from NPC Vanys.

Then you will need to go to the 6 of 8 locations he said to use the dream talisman that he gaves to you.
After doing that you will have to go to the 7th location that is the one where you will have to go port hope and do some missions with the NPC Andrew Lyze.

Then you will be able to go to the 8th location that is in Plains of Havoc (check imagen below to see the exact location).


Haunted House

Here you will have to speak to the NPC Stricken Soul  (Text: Hi , Yes , Yes , "your name").

Then he will ask you to find 3 secret paths, this are like mini missions that you will have on darashia , port hope and in the same place where the NPC is.

After completing this 3 secreth paths you will be able to go throught the green teleport.

You will have to face this boss in the final part of the Haunted House mission from The Dream Courts Quest.
After getting in the 7 locations you will have to do Haunted House part for the 8th location to finish this part of the quest.

Then you will have to enter into the Buried cathredal through this teleport:

Note: you will be able to enter only after finishing the three secret paths before that this part of quest required.

Enter to the Buried Cathedral

Once you are on the Cathedral you will have to find 4 secret words and after that you will need to go to the boss , for that you will need to go here (marked as yellow circle):

Boss location marked as yellow circle

And then do Exani "hur down here:
exani hur down location

Then you will be on the book room , here you will need to do some things , first click on the small book that is besides the character on the screenshoot, and then click onthe books on the order showed on the next screenshoot:

book order

After doing that you will teleport to the boss lever.

Strategy to fight the boss

Team level required:
1 Person only (700+ RP , MS OR ED)
2 People(600+ RP, MS , ED)
3 People(500+ RP, EK, MS ,ED)
4 People (350+ RP, EK , MS , ED)
5 People( 300+ RP, EK , MS , ED)

Boss cooldown: 20h


This boss is quite easy to kill but you will need to know somethings before:
There will be some metal sqm in the ground that someone will have to go across in the hole room.
So first when you came into the boss you will find that the boss is inmortal, so 1 of the team should run on all metal sqm in one way, see the next screenshoot to understand it better:

Metal sqm function

So one of the team will follow all that way passing all the metal sqm until you go back where you started , for each sqm you will see a yellow light under you that indicates that you are doing it correctly and when you finish from passing from all metal sqm a energy wave will appear on the room and that indicates that now the boss is mortal and you have to hit him.

After this when you make the boss life to black he will health himself to full hp and he will summon 3 spectres (1 red , 1 blue and 1 green). Now you have to kill al summons fast and someone will have to repeat the thing of passing through all the metal sqms to make him mortal again.
You will have to repeat this thing like 3-4 times until the boss goes down.

Rares loot from this boss: Book Backpack and Ectoplasmic Shield.
Screenshoot from my team and me looting 1st Book Backpack in Secura: © 2020. All rights reserved.
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