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Boss list extension proposal


My proposal is to extend existing list of bosses.

As example - we can add Barbaria, Voice of the Ruins etc.

Why ? Because existing list already have lets say "less" popular bosses like : Captain Jones, Hairman, both cult bosses, even Yaga and Frog Prince - so why not ?

Even without Bossopedia article it could be useful for maybe further spawning time estimation or to gather informations to make Bossopedia article.

Lets take a look at Grand Mother Fourscale as example - She is in "Without prediction" category, but now most of interested people know  that Dragon Raid at Muggy plains takes place min 7 day - am I right ?

Maybe that won't be a big deal, maybe just few extra lines at script, some extra graphics

What do You guys think ?


This is our plan - to expand Bossopedia and predictions with all these less known bosses. Some of them will be in predictions, others will be just signed as seen.

For now, it is on our "to do" list since for now we're busy with cleaning our database from unnecessary information, photos etc. After we fix everything we will build brand new content.

Thanks for your suggestion 🙂