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Beginners guide to bosshunting

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Beginners guide to bosshunting

I. Introduction.
II. (Noob)chars.
III.  Boss spawn time prediction – our site and how to use it.
IV. Routes.
V. Useful hints.

I. Introduction.

There are many things to do in Tibia instead of leveling - one of them is bosshunting. Do you want to feel that thrill of meeting a creature that is actually hard to find and may bring you some nice amount of gold? If your answer is yes, then welcome to this guide. Let's change your boring tibian life - bosshunting is the way to go.

II. (Noob)chars.

The most basic thing that you need is a char. Level doesn't really matter, as there are bosses designed for various level ranges. Of course, the higher - the better. Back in the day, we used only our main chars to bosshunt, but times have changed. I strongly recommend to create some "noobchars". I call them "bosschekers" and "bosskillers".

Bosshunting is very time-consuming, so whenever you can save your time - do it.

Let's use an example of the White Pale. It has 3 respawn places near 3 different cities: Edron, Darashia and Liberty Bay. It would take a lot of time to just run and check these 3 locations. It's much better and easier to create 3 chars to do the job for us. You can either use three lvl 8 chars with just a shovel, rope and some stealth rings (as many as possible). Place them on the 3 resps, log in from time to time and just let them be killed by a White Pale when it finally shows up. Then run with your main char to kill the boss. Or you can create a little bit stronger chars - with level 15 to be safe and use offline training to skill them a bit. When it comes to the knight, 70 skill is just enough to quickly kill the monster. Equip them also with some health/mana potions (20 at least) and simply kill the boss without the fear of anyone stealing it.

Here is my first bosskiller char ever. It's a bit stronger than I mentioned up, because back then we didn't really know exactly how strong is the White Pale.

Examples of bosses which can be easily checked with noobchars:

  • White Pale,
  • Fernfang,
  • General Murius,
  • Man in the cave,
  • Ocyakao,
  • Yeti,
  • Dharalion,
  • Rotworm Queen,
  • Midnight panther,
  • Crustacea gigantica...

And so on. Be creative - the higher level is your noobchar, the stronger boss you can check. Here is an example. I have lvl 55  ek and I left him in formorgar mines to kill Hirintror, so I could save at least 10 minutes on checking it with my main char. Having a char like that brings you many possibilities, as thanks to it you can check all vampire lords, Man in the cave and many more bosses.

Level is the only limit. If you have a char with level 80+ and someone to escort you, you can even leave it in Pumin’s throne room on PoI to check the Handmaiden. Once again, the possibilities are limitless. Stronger bosses like shlorg, zushuka can also be checked/killed that way. All you need is the patience to lvl up your chars and place them on the required spots.

III. Boss spawn time prediction – our site and how to use it.


Enough for now about checkers and killers. Let's focus on bosschecking with a main char.

One of the most important things is: how to predict when the boss will spawn? Well, the main source is the kill statistics section on Based on them it is possible to count how many days approx are needed for the boss to respawn. And this is where our site come in handy. We'll do all the work for you and analyse these statistics, so you can focus on the killing bosses and looting rares. Doesn't that sound great?
Check the screenshot below for more details about our analytical engine:


How to refresh statistics?

If there is a message about old statistics on the site, just click “CLICK UPDATE”. Note, that it can be done after 4.00 AM CEST (-6h before EU server save). If the statistics are not refreshed yet, the status looks like that:
Then just one click and the statistics will be updated. Here is how it should look like then:

Many people ask "Why there are two Tyrns and Hirintrors on your statistics?"

Those monsters have both two spots of respawn. Tyrn can appear on Liberty Bay and Drefia. Hirintror on Formorgar Mines and Nibelor.
So there is Hirintror 1-2 and Tyrn 1-2. You need to find out yourself which one is which, then you can just check the respawn with "High/Low chance" status.

IV. Routes.

This is another important thing when it comes to save the time during the bosscheck.
You quickly run from one point (boss resp) to another to effectively check all the bosses in the specific area.
Here is how I usually check the bosses in Edron:

First I run to the Shlorg as it’s the most profitable boss here, then to the point where Big Bad One resps. Then to the north and down in the dungeon I check Necropharus. The last checkpoint is the cave where Sir Valorcrest resides, near the place where we start the check. Of course you can set the order of checking the way it suites you best and for example start with Sir Valorcrest.

V. Useful hints:

  • Check as often as possible, not only right after or before ss for example;
  • Don't camp bosses for days in one place, since it's most often just a waste of time which could be used to check other bosses;
  • It is good to keep an eye on the world/english/advertising chat. Sometimes people seek some help there to kill the bosses which they find randomly. It happend to me with The Welter, Tyrn and Demodras for example. Or if you missed the serverwide message about some major boss spawning (Ferumbras, archdemons) by some minutes, it is often commented on these chats. Then you may still have the chance to participate in killing the boss;
  • as mentioned before, the faster you do the check - the better. When I'm checking bosses, I always wear speed boosting eq to save a few seconds while running



  • Don't refuse to check the specific location if you see that someone's hunting there. It might be a bot which ignores boss monsters and doesn't kill them. I had such situation with Grorlam on Thera not long ago and with other bosses too. Here is an example of bot (Gruba Swiniaa) ignoring undead cavebears. The cavebear was lured quite far away and just followed the bot.



  • Sometimes it’s hard to spot specific boss, as it goes invisible often (like midnight panther and Grandfather Tridian). It is important to stay in the respawn place for at least some seconds to make sure if the boss spawned or not;
  • Some bosses spawn with additional monsters. I call it overresp. By spotting this overresp you may recognize in a second if the boss spawned near somewhere. Man in the cave, for example – two additional ice golems spawn on the floor under his cave when his there, or Furyosa - she spawns with many demons which wander 1 floor above her;
  • Combine business with pleasure and hunt in places where bosses can spawn (Wrath of the Emperor quest – 10th mission, wyrms under Drefia and so on);
  • Some bosses have very "loud" sounds which can be heared from a distance. This may inform you faster about the bosses presence and might be useful in certain situations. Examples: Midnight panther growls very loud and can be heard in a wide radius, the same with Hatebreeder, there are also rumours that you can hear Plasmothers sounds on PoI without going the long and hard way near the throne where she respawns. And the most basic example is Man in the cave and his monks. Thanks to the screams of them all you can easily check if he's in his cave.



  • Unfortunately, many of the bosses disappear after some time. Most of bosshunters state that the usual time of the bosses presence is 4h. They can disappear even if you are killing them at the same time (happend to me with Fernfang and White Pale). On the other hand, mount bosses stay until server save. That's why sometimes you can find 2 crustacea giganticas spawned at the same time on Calassa or 4+ undead cavebears in the lich hell. The time for the specific bosses may vary. Latest reports show that the Pale Count disappears after 2 hours only;
  • If you need any info about the specific boss, visit our Bossopedia! Screenshots/videos, routes, loot, interesting facts... Everything's there!
  • It’s nice to collect good memories, so make screenshots of your meetings with bosses whenever it's possible! We will be happy to post them on our fansite and facebook.


The article may be expanded/corrected in the future to make it as good and useful as possible.

Good luck bosshunters!


Special thanks to Makadamia and Mad Def for the review and useful suggestions. 🙂