Dress up like a boss!

Dear Tibians!

TibiaBosses.com celebrates its third birthday! We would like to thank all users for your activity and support. To celebrate this event, we have prepared a competition for you with wonderful prizes. Do not miss this opportunity and have fun with us celebrating this anniversary!

First Place

Crunors Heart

Golden Warrior Trophy

90 days of TibiaBosses premium time

Second Place

Nightmare Doll

Silver Warrior Trophy

30 days of TibiaBosses premium time

Third Place

Taming item of choice

Bronze Warrior Trophy

30 days of TibiaBosses premium time


What should you do to win one of these prizes? It's fairly easy! Join the costume ball we organize.

Your task will be to create unique costume of the boss of your choice, then dress up and show us the final effect!

Competition rules and guidelines:

  • Your outfit must present one the bosses known from Tibia,
  • We accept both costumes of bosses with irregular spawn, as well as task bosses - the choice is yours!
  • The picture must show a person wearing a costume, but you do not have to pose in person. Perhaps your younger sister always wanted to become a world-famous model, so now she has the opportunity! ­čśë
  • Photos showing the effects of your work cannot be edited in any way.
  • Photos may not contain any inappropriate content.
  • At least one photo where "TibiaBosses.com 2019" inscription will be displayed is required.
  • Your entry should be unique, plagiarism will result in disqualification!
  • The post with your entry should include the photo(s), ┬áname of the chosen boss, the name of the world and the nickname of the character to which the prizes are to be sent.
  • One player can submit any number of entries, however he can only win one prize out of three.
  • The competition starts on 01.04.2019 and ends on 20.04.2019 at 23.59 CEST. After this time, editing existing posts will result in disqualification, and newly added ones will not be considered in the competition.
  • TibiaBosses team members are not allowed to participate in the competition.
  • All entries will be judged according to the score from 1 to 5 (with 5 being the highest score) by TibiaBosses.com team members and representatives of other fansites and Cipsoft.

Take some distance and get into a completely new role!

Have you ever wondered what it is like to wreak havoc and terror among the Tibian lands wearing one of the most expensive hats in the world? Or maybe the company of demons infuriates you and makes you want to kill everyone who falls into your cave?

Let yourself get carried away by fantasy and let's roll!