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Deadly Boss Weapon Contest! - Submissions Thread celebrates its fourth birthday! We would like to thank all users for your activity and support. To celebrate this event, we have prepared a competition for you with wonderful prizes. Do not miss this opportunity and have fun with us celebrating this anniversary!

Your goal will be to create deadly weapon against chosen boss. Weapon should be home-made and created just with home equipment! Provide photos of the weapon, its name, and explain shortly how to use it!

The competition starts on 03.04.2020 and ends on 25.04.2020 at 23.59 CEST. All entries must be submitted before this deadline. If you edit or post your entry after the deadline, your entry will not be judged!


Please place yours submissions on this thread. Please read detailed rules before posting!



I will edit every submission and at the end I will write Valid or Invalid (and why). Post should be valid and lastly edited by me. If it is edited by contestant again, it need to be checked again and validated again.


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Meet the killer, a warrior hungry for bosses, who has no mercy for anyone, especially for bosses.
His terrifying look has turned even the Basilisk into a stone.
The HungryHunter. He has been walking this earth for centuries and looking for Tibian bosses. He moves on the legendary Midnight Panther.

He is always equipped with the best quality potions. It makes it resistant to every attack.

One of the Tibiabosses employees managed to capture a fight between HungryHunter and Foreman Kneebiter, a dwarf boss with the company of two Dwarf Guards.


The weapons used by the HungryHunter are magical rakes gained in the fight against The Imperor. Rakes have unusual abilities and works on every boss like a crucifix on a vampire. They can dazzle, paralyze, pierce every armor with their sharp blades.
HungryHunter has been trained as an assassin since his youth. His main target has always been the pits of inferno bosses. There was an opportunity to take a picture of the fight with The Handmaiden! Awesome!


The boss of the frogs The Frog Prince, unaware of anything, was attacked by HungryHunter.



Unfortunately taking pictures of HungryHunter was a big risk, but he was persuaded to take a picture with the fallen boss dwarfs in a Tibian newspaper



Thank you for watching ; )


Hello! I'm here to present you very dangerous weapon.

Its called Paperamid. Deadly and precise, almost 2 meters long - created to slay Yellow Toilet Paper Man.

Last time it had to be used during 15th tibia anniversary. Since that noone ever saw Yellow Toilet Paper Man again. Legends say that he is still hiding and hoping for better tomorrow - that Paperamid will lose its power. That's never gonna happen - Paperamid is rechargeable(by putting gem inside pyramid) so there is no way that it's gonna be useless one day! Power of this weapon is hidden in eye of pharaoh - if you look into it you feel paralyzed, can barely move. Then whole Paperamid can be used as mace! Knocking out half-paralyzed opponent!



made by: Demonique

world: Antica


The notorious hunter was a resident of a small village in thais called greenshore. He always liked to look for bosses and with each passing day, his searches were always bigger. One day he decided to leave his small village and go downtown. With that he made new friends and went to work on even stronger bosses. One day, he was very bored and had no friends to look for bosses, they were all quarantined. He went to the pits of inferno. to look for a challenging boss. Once there, he entered the verminor seal and at the very end of the seal he came across the evil, disgusting and cruel creature: The Plasmother!!

As soon as she was spotted, the notorious hunter took his POOR LIVING BOW, HIS POOR LIVING ARROWS AND HIS POWER C PROTEIN to gain attributes against the boss, thus defeating her more easily.

When i finish kill the boss, my shadow draptor wanted to eat it.



Character: Owner Royal

World: Mitigera

Chosen Boss: The Plasmother

Created Weapons: Poor Living Bow (made of an old tree around greenshore), Poor Living Arrows (made of an old tree around greenshore) and Power C Protein (Made by a very powerful but unknown alchemist).






  • WAIT UNTIL NIGHT TIME YOU MAY USE THE FLOWER ONCE PER NIGHT. (for a extremely rare chance to obtain The Butterfly Clover).
  • ONLY THOSE WHO ARE LUCKY CAN NOW SAFELY STORE THIER CLOVER FOR LATER CONSUMPTION. (A ziplock bag) Info on The Butterfly Clover. this item seems to fly like a butterfly. (resembling Anmothra)
  • Can be used once (eaten) must have an empty stomach.
  • Once eaten your appereance will turn you into a butterfly.
  • Consuming 1 Soul Point Per Second.


  • Health regeneration triples.
  • Monsters that attack the user will get paralyzed + infected.
  • Monsters infected will not be able to heal. Any heals will turn to damage + 50% of the damage will be converted to heal the user.




I had trouble uploading the video


Name: Nightdreams

World: Talera


Weapon name:
Improvized stake thrower

Arachir the Ancient One

This weapon works like any other crossbow however, it fires wooden stakes! Blessed stakes can be used to improve your damage output.

Operation is simple. Pull the bowstring back to the latch, load your ammunition and pull the trigger backwards to release the stake, hopefully, killing the ancient one in the process.

It was constructed using a metal clothes hanger, masking tape, a woollen bow string my wife made. The trigger mechanism was made using the hook section of a clothing hanger and some woodscrews and washers that I found lying around my toolbag. The stock was made from an old bed support.

Here's a video of it in operation
And a sprite, to top it off, because you know, most of us have a lot of time on our hands right now!
I hope everyone is doing ok, stay safe!
Character Name: Atrieus
World: Astera

After the Ruthless Seven attack the Dream Master was trapped in the Dream Realm completely alone. He knew his order was lost but something could still be done by other adventurers. Using what was left of his strength the Dream Master launched a powerful weapon in the center of Plains of Havok.

The weapon was found by an adventurer along with a note that read "succeed where the nightmare knights failed...Behold The Dream Realm Blades, attack with the dagger to bring life and then bring true death with the sword".

The adventurer accepted the mission and left for Drefia to free the city from a ancient evil.

You see Dream Realm Blades (Atk:8 physical + 44 holy, Def:30, protection death +8%).
It can only be wielded properly by knights of level 220 or higher.
It weighs 58.00 oz.
The extraordinary sharp blade doesn't seem to belong to this world.

Boss Name: The Pale Count

Character: Hydan Aymon
World: Nefera





Boss: Zarabustor
Weapon name: Phenakite Rod
Weapon description: This ancient rod with a rare mineral seems to be related to an old and wild primal power. Somehow, the wood appear to be holding the crystal just like an inanimate hand!
Weight: 32 oz
Stats: +5 Magic Level and Special Aura Against Zarabustor Boss
Being a relic of the Druid guild, this rod can be devastating to the old arcane scholar hiding in Demona. Some rumours are claiming that this legendary rod is the antagonic counterpart to the famous Crystal Wand conserved by the Warlocks order, being a relic crafted by an unknown druid that used to be a rival of Zarabustor. If you are a Druid and face Zarabustor while holding this magical weapon,  it will magically make Zarabustor suffer 50% extra damage  on top of the current weakness to physical damage displayed by this boss (good opportunity to use Explosion Runes and Exori Moe Ico spell) along with a bonus of +5 magic levels, but use your advantage wisely, the rage of Zarabustor after seeing such artifact will make his attacks 25% more stronger than usual.
Ok, now let's see my weapon construction:
First I've searched for the best branch available in my yard. We did several cuts in my yard but this one right here was the one in an optimal condition for such thing. I've made sure to clean it properly:
After that, I've searched in my house for anything that would match with what I had in my mind... Also, I had to make sure that anything added would fit with Tibia setting and theme. I've come across with an old crystal cube that I had. I also used a pocket knife to carve tiny holes that would fit my cube on top of this stick. By the way,  here is the saw used to cut the branch that I selected as a weapon:
Almost done! I can even swing around since the cube is really tight and firm on top of the rod. I used the blade to cut off pointy wood parts out of it. The branch itself seemed very good. This branch comes from a tree called Plinia cauliflora, and this is a very solid wood to my surprise.
I a small cleaning around the branch, since some wood parts can affect the grip on it. After that, I finished the magical weapon for the contest! And I didn't forget about sending a picture with a written paper about the event 🙂
Character Name: Boxer Antica Merchant
World: Antica

Name : Rainbow Rod

Level : 350

Damage : 95-115

Damage Type : Vis

Range : 6

Mana Per Shot : 19

Resist : Fire + 10

Imbuiments Slots : 3

Weight : 35 oz

Skill Boost : Magic Level +4, Critical Hit +15%

This Weapon is useful to win your Ferumbras Hat, against the Most terrorific boss in the game "FERUMBRAS"

You can use the weapon to get some critical hits with your Magical Boost of +4  and win you Ferumbras hat easily, also you can protect yourself of the ferumbras fire waves  with the Fire protection +10 in the rod.

Hail Tibia Bosses 2020

World: Talera

Character Name : Voonye


<photos expired>

Name : Noresca Sword

Level : 245

Damage : 5 Physical + 45 Holy + 35 Death - 35 Death at day - 35 Holy at night.

Damage Type :  Holy, Death and Physical

Resist : Holy 6% at night, Death 4% at Day

Imbuiments Slots : 2

Weight : 187 oz

Skill Boost : Critical Hit +20 % to Demonic Creatures

Description: The sacred sun, the dark night

This weapon is made to kill all the members of the Terror Triangle (Ghazbaran and Morgaroth until now) as well as their minions, it is a sacred sword in the day and a broken sword at night.

World: Solidera

Character Name : Iron Tip

You see a noresca sword (Atk: 5 physical +45 holy +35 death -35 death at day -35 holy at night
Imbuements: (Empty slot, Empty slot).
It can only be wielded properly by knights of level 245 or higher.
Strong agains Demonic creatures
It weighs 187.00 oz.
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