The Welter






Health: 25500
Experience: 20000
Estimated Maximum Damage: 800


Strong against:
Immune to:
Once a while lays which if not killed fast, transforming into
Self healing (very fast)


Interesting and useful facts

1. Spawns of the Welter healing him, and themselves with area spell (something like exura gran mas res). It is important to kill them first, or lure them out, and then attack the boss.
2. Do not let spawns to hatch - attack the eggs instantly when those appear!
3. Sometimes it is almost impossible to enter the cave safely, because of too many spawns. Instead of taking risk, good tactics is to go away for a couple of minutes (even further than one level above, so monsters will not sense you) and wait for spawns to dissapear.
4. Shrunken Head Necklace and Triple Bolt Crossbow are the rares that can be looted only from this boss.
5. If trapped, and surrounded by Spawns, do not waste your supplies. They will heal too fast to kill them alone. If noone can help you, make exit trick.
6. How to kill The Welter solo by knight? - Guide by Williams

Spawning times

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