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Rares - pricecheck 3.0

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Add price of Nightmare doll and Memory Box, please?

I wanted to inform you that this is the last price update in Pricecheck as I am leaving the Tibiabosses team. I have expanded and rounded off the price ranges for most items so that Pricecheck can still serve for some time to come.

I especially recommend the graphs that can be found with some items, which illustrate how prices have changed over the years in a graphical format. Despite the emergence of pricechecks fully operated by bots that scan prices on a massive scale, you won't find such graphs with such a long time span anywhere else.

A few interesting final facts and statistics:

  • Pricecheck was initiated by me in March 2017, shortly after joining the team.
  • To this day, the topic has gathered over 513,000 visits, making it one of the most popular tools on the site and probably the largest and most popular Tibian pricecheck on the Internet. It has been recommended countless times on various fansites and Reddit.
  • The final count is 536 tracked items.
  • Over these 7 years, I updated prices about 70 times, each time taking about 4 hours. So, I've devoted around 280 hours to checking item prices tens of thousands of times.

I hope, dear users, that you will remember it fondly. Thank you @mad-def for supporting the project technically. Take care!

All prices have been updated.

prices on Antica:

Highest proportional price increase:

Glooth glider hinge 71%
Basket of puppies 67%
Book Backpack 67%
Brutus Bloodbeard's Hat 67%
Torn teddy 67%
Fur cap 60%
Horn 59%

Highest proportional price decrease:

Firefighting Axe -57%
Final Judgement -53%
Morshabaal's Mask -52%
Nightmare Beacon -50%
Soulful legs -50%
Lion hammer -43%
Umbral Master Bow -41%



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