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Not the boss, but raid, Carlin under attack!

Hi guys,


I am not a boss, but rares hunter. Pretty much the same but I am interested in one particular raid. As far as I know there is a possibility of looting amazon items on Femory Hills near Carlin when orcs are feasting near the watchtower. The raid is unanounced. There are also amazon items north-east of Carlin. Between the city and northport when Orcs are raiding the lands. That one is announced. Are those two connected? I've read somewhere that its like... the same army? Moving around the city. That would make the Femory hills raid announced (kinda), therefore easier to catch. Am I missing smth or how is it?


Off top

Just got midnight panther. Killed it. Love my donkey.

Those two raids seems not connected :/

Quote from piesekpreriowy on 30 March 2018, 10:07

There are also amazon items north-east of Carlin.

Notice that there aren't any warlords during this raid, therefore no chance to loot amazon items.

Well may be connected somehow or  just coincidence. I remeber last raid betwen carlin and northport was anounced, couple hours later was the fermor hill raid. © 2018. All rights reserved.
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