BOSS IN THE EGG – contest

TibiaBosses' sixth birthday and Easter holidays are behind us! So it's time to celebrate these events with one big contest!


Sounds... strange? We present to you a creative contest!

Your task is to create a boss of your choice using any technique... in an egg. Still sounds rather vague?

Dear participants, it is up to you to interpret this slogan and what you do with it!

It can be either a beautiful drawing of Demodras hatching or... a Shlorg emerging out of the egg paste you were going to have for breakfast with your family. Remember that the main purpose of this competition is to stimulate your imagination and encourage you, dear boss-hunters, to do something crazy. In that case, is drawing a good choice? Or do you have an idea for something more original? It's up to you to decide which strategy you take! Go for it!

More details HERE

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