Logo contest

The results will be presented soon!
We would like to use our privilege, and as fresh fansite we want to make a contest for the community! The point of the contest is to create our new logo!

First Place

Nightmare Doll

Heavy Medal

Golden Trophy of Excellence

Second Place

Yellow Rose

Silver Trophy of Excellence

Third Place

Royal Medal

Bronze Trophy of Excellence

Detailed rules

1. The contest starts today, 04.11.2016, and ends at 21.11.2016 at 10:00 CET. All entries must be submitted before this deadline.
2. All entries must be wrote on Submissions thread. This thread is only for submissions, for other discussions will be created separate thread.
3. Entries must contain:
-Final versions of a new logo for TibiaBosses in the following dimensions and formats:
>150 × 100 pixels, gif;
>155 × 155 pixels (or less), png;
>250 × 65 pixels (or less), png. (this one we will probably use on site header, so it should match site layout- maybe transparent or in colours that allow us to put it on the top of the site)
-Creation stages like unfinished versions - at least 2 images (or an animated image) - or a video of the creation process.
-Character name (and its game world) to receive the prizes in its inbox, if picked among the best 3 entries.
4. No limits on number of entries. You can submit as many logos as you want, each will be judged individually! (Of course every submission must contain everything pointed in rule 3.)
5. One person can only win once.
6. By participating, you agree that TibiaBosses.com has the right to edit and/or publish your creations.
7. Entries must be your own creation and it must not plagiarize someone else's work.
8 Tibiabosses Administrators cannot participate.
9. If any of the rules are broken, the administrator team has the right to disqualify the related entry.
10. Rules may be adjusted during the contest.
11. It is completely up to you what you will create, use your imagination! We will choose the best logo matching to our site!
12. Submission posts cannot be edited after 21.11.2016 10:00 CET