Glorious Trophy Contest is already celebrating its 5th birthday! We would like to thank all users for your activity and support. To celebrate this event, we have prepared a contest with special prizes. Don't miss this opportunity and have fun with us celebrating this anniversary!

What should you do to win one of these prizes? It's simple! Prove your boss battle by showing off your trophy!

Your task will be to create a unique trophy of the boss of your choice, using any technique, and show us the final result!



First Place

Crunors Heart

Golden Warrior Trophy

90 days of TibiaBosses premium time

Second Place

Nightmare Doll

Silver Warrior Trophy

30 days of TibiaBosses premium time

Third Place

Taming item of choice

Bronze Warrior Trophy

30 days of TibiaBosses premium time

Rules of the competition:

  • The trophy must be related in some way to a Tibian boss - Tyrn's head? A jar of goo collected from Shlorg's body? Or maybe the jaws of a Rotworm Queen? The choice is yours!
  • We accept trophies of bosses with irregular spawns, as well as those known from tasks,
  • The final photo must show the trophy you made, your nick and the name of the website along with the current year - 2021 It's necessary to submit at least 3 photos presenting the process of creating the trophy,
  • You can use any technique to create the trophy, but the more creative - the better! However, the contest is about creating a physical item, not a graphics, drawing, or concept.
  • Photos of your work cannot be edited in any way.
  • The photos may not contain any inappropriate content.
  • Focus on the uniqueness of your work, as plagiarism will result in disqualification!
  • The name of the chosen boss, name of the world and the nick of the character to whom the prizes are to be sent must be included in the post along with the photos.
  • One player can post as many entries as he/she wishes, but only one prize can be won.
  • The competition starts on 12.04.2021 and ends on 03.05.2021 with the server save. After this time, editing existing posts will result in disqualification, and new posts will not be considered for the contest.
  • TibiaBosses team members are not allowed to participate in the contest.
  • All entries will be judged on a score from 1 to 5 (with 5 being the highest score) by members of the team. The best entries (the number of entries will depend on the interest in the contest) will be presented on the fansite board and judged by administrators of other fansites and Cipsoft members.


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