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The Great Boss Hunt

This week winners are: Xenia by Mini Anonym (Premia) and The Voice Of The Ruin by Khaos Sinester (Ysolera).

This week winners are: Elvira Hammerthrust by Haishen (Celesta) and Dreadful Disruptor by Captain Rafael (Gentebra)!

This week winners are: Morgaroth by Eternal Ichigo Kurosaki (Astera) and Ferumbras by Ale Oz (Belobra).

This week winners are:Raging Mage by Rod Kind (Nefera) and Ferumbras Mortal Shell by Intenzo (Firmera).

This week winners are Morgaroth by Carlotto Forfun (Javibra) and Ferumbras Mortal Shell by Abs Lilozin (Ombra)!
This week winners are: The Duke Of The Depths by Kiele Khar (Belobra) and Mr. Punish by Black Haunter (Celesta)!
This week winners are: Scarlett Etzel and Drume by Bomdrax (Calmera) and Zulazza the Corruptor by Lafrita Convive (Emera)!

This week winners are: World Devourer by Kitty Reaper (Celebra) and Ocyakao by Charlotte Perelli (Relania)!

This week winners are Morgaroth by Blasco Druid (Pacera) and Ugly Monster by Mestre Okay (Belobra)! © 2020. All rights reserved.
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