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The Great Boss Hunt [WINNERS REQUESTS]

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It was written by @jaosoka in the wrong thread:

Hey! Sorry for the late response, but now I just joined the discord server and realize that I won the weekly votation of July 18, with my character Uchiha Bengala, I'm sorry to ask but I did not get the 100 tibia coins extra reward 🙁

100 Tibia Coins from the Discord voting (25.08) receives: Weakened Shlorg by Kafkacoli (Olima).

Hello! The tibiabosses account is the same as the ingame nick, Kafkacoli! Thank you

Hello everyone,

Glad to be featured with my Tyrn screenshot. Would like to thank the staff for the opportunity and of course the community for voting on it! My main character is called Marsupila and also here is @marsupila as shown. More to come soon, hopefully!

Thanks in advance.


100 Tibia Coins from the Discord voting (02.09) receives: Tyrn by Marsupila (Quelibra).

Congrats all 🙂 Coins has been sent and premium times added!

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