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The Great Boss Hunt [WINNERS REQUESTS]



I have won the weekly contest with a screenshot of  Dipthrah.


Character: Lady Shinaa (Thyria)


Thank you.

hi, my name is Old Esgliks (menera)

i winner the week picture Zarabustor

Thanks and Hail tibia Bosses

Hello everyone,

My character is Davizin Profitando,

I have won the weekly contest with a screenshot of Weakened Shlorg

it is an honor to be able to participate in the contest, and an even greater honor to win

thanks to all of the TibiaBosses team

Congrats all!


Premium time has been activated, and coins delivered! 🙂

Hello! I won the weekly contest with my Orshabaal screenshot! My character is Rabzon (Harmonia) and this is my account 🙂


I'm Jack Sensacional (Belobra)  > winner of the OCTOBER MONTH screenshot Arachir + Oshuran!


Rune emblem: Paralyze rune

Hi, I'm Sibon Faur (Vunira) I was one of the winners from last weeks contest with my screenshot of Lord of the Elements 😀

This is my Tibiabosses account  😎