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The Great Boss Hunt 2023

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Character Name: Unkzada
Boss Name: Albino Dragon
World Name: Collabra

Uploaded files:
  • Unkzada-Albino-Dragon.png

Character Name: Royal Raczkoo
Boss Name: The Scourge Of Oblivion
World Name: Thyria

Uploaded files:
  • royal-raczkoo-the-scourge-of-oblivion.png

Character Name: Adc Jhoan
Boss Name: Fleabringer
World Name: Pulsera

Uploaded files:
  • Adc-Jhoan-Fleabringer.png

Character Name: Anne Fearless
Boss Name: Yeti
World Name: Yovera

Uploaded files:
  • anne-fearless-yeti.png

Character Name: Small Inconvenience
Boss Name: The Abomination
World Name: Nevia

Uploaded files:
  • small-inconvenience-the-abomination.png


Winners, who want to get the premium time and Tibia Coins (later, when voting ends) are asked to write their nickname in the forum topic "The Great Boss Hunt [WINNERS REQUESTS]".

Character Name: Minotaro Mago
Boss Name: Grand Master Oberon
World Name: Jadebra

Uploaded files:
  • Grand-Master-Oberon-Minotaro-Mago-2.png

Character Name: Sakesito
Boss Name: Magma Bubble
World Name: Secura

Uploaded files:
  • Magma-Bubble-Sakesito.png

Character Name: Tonfiu Pall
Boss Name: Ferumbras Mortal Shell
World Name: Luminera

Uploaded files:
  • Ferumbras-Mortal-Shell-Tonfiu-Pall.png

Character Name: Aron Nabesu
Boss Name: The False God
World Name: Premia

Uploaded files:
  • The-False-God.png
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