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The Great Boss Hunt 2023

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Character Name: Arcai
Boss Name: Fleabringer
World Name: Seanera

2 Fleabringers on the surface!

Uploaded files:
  • Arcai-2-Fleabringers.png

Character Name: Palaz
Boss Name: Mahatheb
World Name: Utobra

Summons of Mahatheb

Uploaded files:
  • mahatheb.jpg

Character Name: Gabiiluna
Boss Name: World Devourer
World Name: Nefera

Uploaded files:
  • Gabiiluna-World-Devourer.png

Character Name: kipo of distance
Boss Name: yeti
World Name: wizera

Uploaded files:
  • kipo.yeti_.png


Winners, who want to get the premium time and Tibia Coins (later, when voting ends) are asked to write their nickname in the forum topic "The Great Boss Hunt [WINNERS REQUESTS]".

For reasons beyond our control, we have had to reset the website to 02.04, so any messages on the FORUM that appeared between 03.04-05.04 have disappeared.

I have tried to save all of them to maintain the continuity of content:

User @robin-schud wrote:

Character Name: Robin Schud
Boss Name: Yeti
World Name: Olima

User @smuu wrote:

Character Name: Smuu
Boss Name: various bosses
World Name: Pacera

I didn't repeat the screenshot with Tanjis Sight, because it's against the contest rules.

User @jene1992 wrote:

Character Name: Gouken Kaioden
Boss Name: The Imperor
World Name: Serdebra

User @keyrox wrote:

Character Name: Noia Blocker
Boss Name: Captain Jones
World Name: Serdebra

User @waldermartz wrote:

Character Name: Walder Martz
Boss Name: Obujos' Reflection
World Name: Nefera

User @gitirana wrote:

Character Name: Acabyh
Boss Name: Morguthis
World Name: Serdebra

User @mathias wrote:

Character Name: Mathias Bynens
Boss Name: Glooth Fairy
World Name: Vunira

User @oldesgliks wrote:

Character Name: Old Esgliks
Boss Name: The Scourge Of Oblivion
World Name: Menera

If there are any missed posts, please just repeat them! We are really sorry for the inconvenience!

Character Name: Yuki Faith
Boss Name: Terofar
World Name: Antica

Uploaded files:
  • Yuki-Faith-Terofar.png

Character Name: Kriizs
Boss Name: Zevelon Duskbringer
World Name: Lobera

Uploaded files:
  • Zevelon-Duskbringer.png

Character Name: Eriica Sar
Boss Name: The Frog Prince
World Name: Lobera

Uploaded files:
  • Eriica-Sar-The-Frog-Prince.png

Character Name: Fiftyone Degrees Nord
Boss Name: Ashmunrah
World Name: Premia

Uploaded files:
  • Fiftyone-Degrees-Nord-Ashmunrah.png
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