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The Great Boss Hunt 2022

Character Name: Hunterzerah Boss
Boss Name: Undead Cavebear
World Name: Pacembra

Uploaded files:
  • Hunterzerah-Boss-Undead-Cavebear.png

Character Name: Slaider Kalop
Boss Name: Zevelon Duskbringer
World Name: Gentebra

Uploaded files:
  • Slaider-Kalop-Zevelon-Duskbringer.png

Character Name: Knight'Kroser
Boss Name: Man in the Cave
World Name: Garnera

Uploaded files:
  • KnightKroser-Man-In-The-Cave.png

Character Name: Baker Paladin
Boss Name: Ferumbras
World Name: Pacera

Uploaded files:
  • Baker-Paladin-Ferumbras.png

Character Name: Toxic Amazon
Boss Name: Scarlett Etzel
World Name: Nefera

Uploaded files:
  • Toxic-Amazon-Scarlett-Etzel.jpg

Character Name: Princess Bear, Queen Sweeth, King Nyxx & Whispercs
Boss Name: Grand Master Oberon
World Name: Menera

Uploaded files:
  • Princess-Bear-Queen-Sweeth-King-Nyxx-Whispercs-Grand-Master-Oberon.png

Character Name: Marcinx
Boss Name: Orcs Fermor Hills
World Name: Kalibra

Uploaded files:
  • Marcinx-Orcs-Fermor-Hills.png

Character Name: Vizkt
Boss Name: Scarlett Etzel
World Name: Gladera

Uploaded files:
  • Vizkt-Scarlett-Etzel.png

Character Name: Bakonduk
Boss Name: Grand Canon Dominus
World Name: Gladera

Uploaded files:
  • Bakonduk-Grand-Canon-Dominus.png

Character Name: Guiggo
Boss Name: Weakened Shlorg
World Name: Nefera

Uploaded files:
  • Guiggo-Weakened-Shlorg.png