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The Great Boss Hunt 2022

Character Name: Azra Kimuz
Boss Name: Arachir The Ancient One
World Name: Wizera

Uploaded files:
  • Arachir-the-Ancient-One.jpg

Character Name: Sio Perron
Boss Name: Dharalion
World Name: Zenobra

Uploaded files:
  • Dharalion.jpg

Character Name: Wikadny
Boss Name: The Scourge Of Oblivion
World Name: Secura

Uploaded files:
  • Wikadny-The-Scourge-Of-Oblivion.png


Character Name: Psyko Pally
Boss Name: The Handmaiden
World Name: Pacembra

Uploaded files:
  • Psyko-Pally-The-handmaiden.png

Character Name: Tynusiiaa
Boss Name: Dragonking Zyrtarch
World Name: Antica

Uploaded files:
  • Tynusiiaa.Antica.Dragonking-Zyrtarch.png

Character Name: Flor Belina
Boss Name: Zushuka
World Name: Peloria

Uploaded files:
  • collage-zushuka-trapped-lightingg.jpg

Character Name: Phaphy Knight
Boss Name: Countess Sorrow
World Name: Talera

Uploaded files:
  • Phaphykinhgt-countess-sorrow.png

Character Name: Psyko Pally
Boss Name: Mr. Punish
World Name: Pacembra

Uploaded files:
  • Psyko-Pally-Mr.-Punish.png

Character Name: Hero Reis
Boss Name: Mazzinor
World Name: Astera

Uploaded files:
  • EstelarMazzinor.png