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Roleplay - Tibian Tales

I always hated how there was no real back stories to many things on Tibia, despite it calling itself "role playing game". Especially when it comes to unique creatures or places I hate how little effort has been done to explain their existence. Thus, I took the liberty and decided to write some Tibian Tales.

The lack of immersion and feeling of the world being "alive" is also much wider topic. I even wrote a proposal once that the "lore" of the Tibian world should continue, and not be "stuck". The entire world should change permanently, much like we see happening for example with Roshamuul. Let us start our story, written by our dear friend, Timothy. Please point out any flaws and typos, and have a good read.

Tibian Tales - Written by Timothy Springroot

Island of Edron, May 25th

The heat is becoming unbearable. All the water, to the very last drop, has escaped from the earthly sockets that once reminded of swamp. Even the most greenest trees are turning yellow in the heat and their vigorous branches are turning dry and dead, as if a fire was burning beneath them. Much like fire, the sun is exudes fiery warmth, now for the third week in one go, turning the rocky soil into glowing embers. Even the wilderness is struggling to find a way to survive. I saw a pack of wolves yesterday. Never have I seen as languishing wolves in my life as those of that pack. And believe me, when I say I have seen quite a few wolves. If this heat goes on for a week longer the citizens of Edron can expect their pelt trade to dry up as fast as their vast forests. Sure, Edron could still export many furs and pelts to Venorean high-class, but their most important patronage, Carlin's dignified "top-ladies" demand the best quality. Best only. And the pelt of some wolfling, dead of drought, is not even close to what these ladies wish to see on themselves.

In fact, Chrystal told me that the export rate of all packages has already dropped down by 15% since last week, expecting it to be 25% by the end of of the month. She said it's all because of the drought and heat. No rain has touched Edron for the past month. Something that rarely happens in Edron. Perhaps we get to see Edron becoming a new Devourer soon. Not only that, Amanda told that it's not only the animals that has started acting weirdly. Some citizens that have always been on the "non-religious" list, have started to show up in the temple. I said  that Edron's starting to remind Darashia more and more, she did not like it. Something I should've left unsaid. Oh well, Amanda's not angry for long. After all, she's the reason I'm here. Five weeks ago, a father of two, Jack and Jane, went missing. Supposedly in the swamp, as last one who claims seeing Jonathan is Avar Tar. Seemingly heading for a hunt to the forest. The locals searched for him, without finding any leads. Here's where I come in. I'm sure that I'll find him. Amanda told me the family's worried sick, and for good reason, if you ask me! Wouldn't be the first time I find some poor fellow drowned in goo and slime in the swamp, dragged in by some fierce bog Raider. Though right now... I am not sure what to do. There is no swamps in Edron. I mean... there is no swamps in Edron, right now. Everything's dried up. Wonder what bog Raiders do during these times... One thing I am quite sure of - Jonathan was attacked by a bog Raider. And those attacks only end in one way.

Only thing I can do is to exclude everything else. There's not many options: Wolves? Not an option, they're too starved, besides, the locals would've found the remains. It's not like ordinary wolves eat up the entire corpse, like werewolves. But there is not werewolves in Edron and hopefully there will never be. Wyverns? Doesn't seem likely. Wyvern's don't leave their nests voluntarily, and even then they rarely attack people. However... cannot say for sure what kind of effect this drought could have on wyverns. The law of physics does not seem to apply to winged-creatures very often. One options is of course an outlaw ambush. Perhaps Jonathan is currently in some dark corner of the cave North side of the island, regular smuggling cave of poachers and bandits. But that is not something I can go check up. That is Thaian kingdom's business. So it's in the hands of Daniel Steelsoul.

For now... let me quench my thirst. In this heat, not even experienced traveller like me, can survive long without a nice, cooling and relaxing local ale. Ain't that right, Mirabell? Yeah. She nods. Time to forget work for a moment and enjoy. After all, I have a long voyage behind me. And even longer one ahead of me. If I have learned anything from the past years and all the experience, it is that one's have to know how and when to relax. For me, it is right now and with this, Edron's finest pure ale.

:From this point on the writing slowly and steadily starts to turn obscure, and one could even image the "hicks" in between the sentences:

Island of Edron, May 26th

My head aches as if a Cyclops Smith had landed a perfect blow. The supposedly calm and normal fuss downstairs turns into an unbearable sputter on its way to my room. Can't say for sure, but apparently, to my last memory flash I had quite nice time last night - not too many memories have survived to this day - perhaps it's for the best.

I glance out of the window and see the Sun shining way up in the sky. Must be close to noon. Far, way way out to the see stands a huge front of clouds. Rain clouds. Thunder clouds. Storm clouds. A part of me wishes the storm would stay away but the rest welcomes rain to Edron with open arms. The day is even warmer than yesterday: Mirabell is selling his goods at lowered price - her goods won't last for longer than a few days in the storage before it turns bad. Fishes are completely off the list - the heat turns them tainted before the ships can reach the shore, not even to mention the storage. After a brief breakfast at Mirabell's I decide to go investigate wyvern caves - perhaps I can find some evidence, or lets say, the evidence of lack of evidence. Wyverns are known to play around with their prey, so in case Jonathan was a victim of these winged-devils, there should be wyverns' work of art on their lair.

As I near the cliff sides I hear the dry screeches of wyverns. At least 4 of them. I can't just walk in there as if I way visiting Frodo's at the dawn. Wyverns in packs, especially when threatened, are extremely aggressive. I just hope they don't have any eggs. Thanks to this drought I can trust that they haven't laid eggs, or at least that the laid eggs haven't survived. Wyverns, despite being famous for their lack of sympathy and to the ancient breeding with them done by the Orcs, wyverns are very caring when it comes down the survival of their offspring or their pack. I lit my torch as I step into the wyvern cavern.

A mature wyvern greets me with a long hiss and swings its poison-stinged-tail nervously. I step closer and the another wyvern peaks behind a cavern's corner. Rule number one: no fast movement allowed. Wyverns are mostly calm, so as long as your intention is not to take on one, do not provoke them.

I step forward and bring in my torch calmly in front of me and make a slow left-right-left-right movement with it. Both of the wyverns step back and start to saunter next to the cavern's walls. Rule number two: have a big torch. Wyverns are feared to death of fire. Big torch is way better defence than a shield. Wyverns do not even try to come near you if you carry a lit torch. You can just easily ward them off with it.

I continue walking deeper into the cavern. Thanks to the heat there is no smell of rotting flesh or corpses. A third wyvern comes up in front of me and won't budge. I step closer to it and the wyvern starts backing off. Soon it hits the wall and I take a step back, allowing it to move out of my way. Rule number three: never encircle a wyvern. If wyvern has no way out it will plunge towards you at full speed, trying to escape. Always let the wyverns move freely around you - they won't attack you unless they have a reason to.

The cave makes a steep turn and gets wider. The three wyverns are now way behind me, and I don't have to care about them anymore. I hear a rumbling breathing mixed with aggressive hissing from the dark corner of the cavern. I slowly walk closer to reveal a wyvern in a guarding position. I see a small wyvern hatchling behind it, froze to terror, all silent. Rule number four: in case there's a wyvern protecting its young'n do not go closer, rules 1 and 2 do not apply to it.

I back off to the other side of the wide room and the wyvern stops growling at me. I get to the end of the room - end of the cavern. No sight of corpses or other prey. Time to get out - Jonathan was not attacked by these wyverns.

As I step out of the cavern a wave of warm air greets me, almost making me want to go back to the much cooler cavern. Just as I step back to the dirt road, I see dozens of Edron's citizens, and guards running along the road, holding buckets. They're pointing behind me, behind the cliff side and look very worried. I gaze behind me and see a huge pillar of black smoke raising high in the sky - a forest fire.


In fact there are many backstories in game if you look for them. It is possible to make quest using spoilers, and it is possible to be more active - reading NPC lines, reading notes, books that you can find ingame.

However, I think in the community is not much RPG spirit! That is why stories like that are awesome, I am waiting for more! 😀

Indeed, there are many side stories, but that is more of a characteristic of the older content. And very often, if new content has a back story, it conflicts with the older stories / lore or feels very much "made up".

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