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Rares - pricecheck 2.0


Thanks for the kind words, as we look at the site stats it seems that quite a lot of ppl is using the pricecheck - that's cool 🙂

All prices have been updated. 4 new items added:

  • Nightmare Shield
  • Necromancer Shield
  • Slug Drug
  • Thorn Spitter

1 item removed, as the price has dropped down dramatically:

  • pomegranate


All prices have been updated. 6 new items added:

  • Abyssador's Lash
  • Brutus Bloodbeard's Hat
  • Lethal Lissy's Shirt
  • Ron the Ripper's Sabre
  • Deadeye Devious' Eye Patch
  • Dragon Claw

1 item removed, as the price has dropped down dramatically:

  • Ice shield

I'm introducing a new feature in the pricecheck since this post.

Most notable increase in price:

- 480kk to 620kk = 29% ↑

- 4.8kk to 8kk = 67% ↑

- 3.5kk to 4.7kk = 34% ↑

- 0.5kk to 1.3kk = 160% ↑

Most notable decrease in price:

- 8.9kk to 4kk = 55% ↓

- 9kk to 6.2kk = 31% ↓



Thanks to Mad Def this feature will be semi-automated, as there will be a % indicator included in the current "comment" column of the pricecheck. Nevertheless I will choose the most interesting price changes and post them here.

You can expect these changes next Saturday/Sunday, when I'll update the prices again. ?

All types of "Demonbone-Weapons"?

Quote from GodDruid on 13 March 2019, 23:57

All types of "Demonbone-Weapons"?

No market stats available. I monitor these weapons since they were added, but pretty much nothing changes.

All prices have been updated.

As I mentioned last weekend, we have implemented a really cool feature to the pricecheck - you can visualize how the prices have changed since the last update. Just take a look at the "comment" column and find the % indicator next to each item.

Highest proportional price increase:

 - 33% ↑

Highest proportional price decrease:

- 29% ↓

Personally speaking, I love this change 😀

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