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Rares - pricecheck 2.0


I'll add most of these in the upcoming update, right now I've focused on new items.


Book of orc language is being sold for ~80-300k right now on Antica, I'll add it in the next update. Cannot help you with skinning knife and sack of herbs. :/


I've seen ppl selling it for 8-12 kk as far as I can remember. The value also depends on the description - if it's without player's name mentioned - it's worth more.

All prices has been updated. 15 new items added:

Grant of Arms
Falcon Wand
Falcon Shield
Falcon Rod
Falcon Plate
Falcon Mace
Falcon Longsword
Falcon Greaves
Falcon Escutcheon
Falcon Coif
Falcon Circlet
Falcon Bow
Falcon Battleaxe
Deepling Ceremonial Dagger
Bar of Gold

All prices have been updated. 11 new items added:

Umbral Masterblade
Umbral Master Spellbook
Umbral Master Slayer
Umbral Master Mace
Umbral Master Hammer
Umbral Master Crossbow
Umbral Master Chopper
Umbral Master Bow
Umbral Master Axe
Soul Stone
Shield of Corruption


Does Hirintor really dropes the Icy Culottes?

[Edit] Sorry. I didn't notice that it is Melting Frozen Horror.

Quote from Mogh on 14 August 2018, 09:47

Does Hirintor really dropes the Icy Culottes?

[Edit] Sorry. I didn't notice that it is Melting Frozen Horror.

Neither does Melting Frozen Horror.

For information deepling fork sold on gladera for 20kk.

This item is still to be added to the list.

All prices have been updated. 2 new items added:

Deepling Fork
Fan Doll of Queen Eloise

Impaler has been removed from the list, as its price reached the level below 100k.

Observation: more than 70% prices have dropped down since the last update. The values of only ~10% of all items have increased.

All prices have been updated. 1 new item added:

Strange Mallet


Sir i just want to thank you this post was really helpful for me, i'm stacking some rares in my honbra i might transfer then to antica soon, thanks.

What's the state with norsemandoll? I remember seeing it as a rare, but seeing it in the market rn. What's the price of it?


This is just the replica which is available on market, the price should be around 1-2kk. The real doll is ofc worth way more.

It's been some time since the last update, but I had some rl stuff to be taken care of (got married, moved to the new flat, etc.)

Now I'm finally back so let's get back to work already ?

All prices have been updated. 5 new items added:

  • wooden sword
  • music box
  • gnomish voucher CA1
  • gnomish voucher MA1
  • bone fiddle

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