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Rares - pricecheck 2.0

All prices have been updated.

Note that from now on I will pay special attention to the attempts of "pricing tricks" on Antica's market. If I notice that the price of specific item skyrocketed (or decreased) by 200-300% and so on without any special reason - I will not update the faked price.

1 item removed - white dress


Thanks for the suggestions, but the prices in my article does not represent mine or any specific players opinion. These are statistics and real prices seen publicly on market or trade forum in some cases. Therefore I'd rather keep updating them the way I did all the time. Also, I'm not going to add items where the only known owner is you or there are just 1-2 owners overall etc. I don't see any point of keeping them on the list when they're not really being traded at all.

Thank you.

All prices have been updated.

1 item has been removed as the price dropped to level below 0.1kk - (Elven legs)

2 items have been added:

- Holy icon

- String of mending

I have also added one more postition to the legend. Let me copy the description from the 1st post:

|possible scam attempt| - market statistics regarding specific item might be highered or lowered on purpose to fake the real price


Dragon scale legs??????+/-?

Key  #0000    ?????????? +/-?

Blessed shield???? +/-?


No one sells them, as these items are pretty much unique. So whoever has them, sets his own price. There is no way to set any price pattern for this class of rares.

All prices have been updated.

3 new items added:

- Basket |puppies|

- Crude wood planks

- Tinged pot

Cockroach leg price?


Hard to say. I've seen offers on Antica in range between 500k-2kk each. On the other hand, some people give them away for free. People still have quite a lot of them, even several backpacks.

Could you please add:

All umbral master items, most of them are more expensive than many items in the list and its really good to know the prices, mainly if you create them for achievements.

All falcon items

Shield of corruption and soul stone

Also, Fan doll of Queen Eloise is not worth adding?

At last, could you add the Cults of Tibia bosses sprites to the loots?

The False God: Maimer / Velvet Mantle
Ravennous Hunger: Elvenmail
Source of Corruption: Demonwing Axe
Impaler: Soulderspoiler
Sandking: Djinn blade

Could Book of Orc Language and Skinning Knife be added? Are they worth anything - also sack of herbs but that cannot be found on Market so that cannot be on this list.

Edit: Skinning Knife is not on Market neither.

I have a Hero Medal that I've been considering selling, but there are hardly any references to its actual value. Any idea on this one?

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