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Rares - pricecheck 2.0


Really impressed with the efforts you put in here Williams 🙂

I've heard about the White Dress recently but have no idea how it came into the game or why its so expensive.

Would someone be able to help my curiosity?

Thank you Spack.

There are some rumours about the dress. Unodoubtedly it is/was in the hands of Dyl - famous rares trader from Antica. Someone on reddit claims that he got it for reporting some major bug in game.  Apparently, the amount of gold he owns exceeds imagination. There is no price he couldn't afford or overbid, so maybe he just bought the item. Well, I talked with Dyl a few times, but I've never asked about the dress, as I'm sure that he wouldn't spoil the secret anyway.

Apart from that, I've also heard that the white dress was a one-time Santa Claus gift.

All prices have been updated. 4 new items added:

  • elven legs,
  • spellbook of ancient arcana,
  • one hit wonder,
  • yalahari figurine

Some news:

All prices have been updated. 5 new items added:

  • iron crown
  • leaf crown
  • incandescent crown
  • reflecting crown
  • lisa's doll

We can observe a major price dropdown regarding most of the items.


Price For Executioner?

Quote from Lord Sait on 10 October 2017, 08:20

Price For Executioner?

It's dropped by 5 monsters, so I would consider it as semi-rare. The price should be between 50-100k, maybe a bit higher on new servers. It's too less to even include this axe on the list.

Quote from Williams on 9 October 2017, 13:46


We can observe a major price dropdown regarding most of the items.


This is interesting, probably value of gold in Tibia is raising, because people need to spend it on imbuements etc. now.

@Mad def,

Exactly, you are 100% right.

+also prey rerolls consume a lot of money which might be decreasing the inflation. I've spent like ~7kk on this rerolls so far, this is addicting as hell. 😀

All prices have been updated. 9 new items added:

  • - Menacing egg
  • - Crackling egg
  • Forbidden tome
  • - Key to knowledge
  • - Golden rune emblem [magic wall]
  • - Hunting horn
  • - Golden can of oil
  • - Gland
  • - Dream warden claw

I've added 2 scorpion eggs, as the crackling one showed up on a few worlds recently (Antica also). What is more, menacing egg got looted on Secura. Apparently it was looted from World Devourer, but it's not confirmed yet. Anyway, if you want to buy any of these 2, watch the markets carefully. If the drop rate has been increased the prices may not be stable yet and may vary.

All prices have been updated. 5 new items added.

- Gnome sword.

- Gnome shield.

- Gnome helmet.

- Gnome armor.

- Gnome legs.


Right now we have 145 items in the database.

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