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Rares - pricecheck 3.0

Quote from Luminera on 1 August 2022, 17:33


Are you going to add naga items?

Give the man some time, not even a month yet

Sure thing. I will probably update the prices and add items implemented in the last update during the upcoming weekend.

All prices have been updated.


30 new items added (one of the biggest database updates ever):

Alicorn Ring
Arboreal Crown
Spiritthorn Helmet
Spiritthorn Armor
Spiritthorn Ring
Charged Arcanomancer Sigil
Arboreal Tome
Charged Arboreal Ring
Arcanomancer Regalia
Arcanomancer Folio
Feverbloom Boots
Firefighting Axe
Enchanted Turtle Amulet
Dawnfire Pantaloons
Dawnfire Sherwani
Colourful Water Lily
Frostflower Boots
Lilypad Backpack
Midnight Tunic
Naga Axe
Midnight Sarong
Naga Club
Naga Sword
Naga Wand
Naga Rod
Naga Quiver
Naga Crossbow
Alicorn Quiver
Portable Flame
Alicorn Headguard

Highest proportional price increase:

Tin key 83%
Nightmare Beacon 75%
Umbral Master Hammer 64%
Energetic backpack 50%
Red silk flower 50%
Torn teddy 50%

Highest proportional price decrease:

Ectoplasmic Shield -72%
Pair of nightmare boots -67%
Glooth glider tubes and wires -62%
Dark Whispers -60%
Sturdy Book -58%