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Rares - pricecheck 3.0

price ring of ending?


No idea. It's rarely being sold and it cannot be put on market. I wouldn't sell mine for any price.

All prices have been updated.

34 new items added:

  • Lion amulet
  • Lion longbow
  • Lion longsword
  • Lion plate
  • Lion rod
  • Lion shield
  • Lion spangenhelm
  • Lion spellbook
  • Lion wand
  • Lion axe
  • Lion hammer
  • Pair of soulstalkers
  • Soulbastion
  • Soulbiter
  • Soulbleeder
  • Soulcrusher
  • Soulcutter
  • Souleater
  • Soulhexer
  • Soulmaimer
  • Soulmantel
  • Soulpiercer
  • Soulshanks
  • Soulshell
  • Soulshredder
  • Soulshroud
  • Soulstrider
  • Soultainter
  • Pair of soulwalkers
  • Red silk flower
  • Energized demonbone
  • Rotten demonbone
  • Sulphurous demonbone
  • Unliving demonbone

Note that the price of 18 "soul" items is set to 0, as they just have started to be looted. I've seen the soulbastion on Antica's trade forum being auctioned. The price reached 600kk at the moment of writing this post, but it will probably reach even higher values. I will update these prices when more items will get looted and some concrete prices will start to appear.

Highest proportional price increase:

Maimer 200%
Vampire's signet ring 129%
Panther head 115%
Green pit demon 100%
Abyssador's Lash 100%

Highest proportional price decrease:

Countess Sorrow's Frozen Tear -56%
Cobra Sword -57%
Umbral Masterblade -58%
Strange Mallet -59%
Sturdy Book -75%

Price of assassin doll? Original

Quote from Dexter on 1 August 2020, 16:04

Price of assassin doll? Original

I only found one price from March and it was 18k tc, so including inflation... I would say not less than 400kk.

So, the character auctions have entered the stage and the economy overall shattered a bit. Take a look at the price of on Antica:
About 40 days ago - 15.6k
Now - 18.5 k

Without any doubts, the inflation level increased drastically and will dramatically alter the prices.
Anyway, we have the prices of almost all "soul" items. They're not set in stone yet, so don't take them very seriously.
From the next update, the price on Antica will be presented as a linear chart in this "sum up" post. That will allow us to track the inflation level quite precisely.
Moreover, we're tracking 351 items as of now.

All prices have been updated.
5 new items added:

  • Key 3950
  • Key 0021
  • Key 0006
  • Key 0008
  • Golden crown

Highest proportional price increase:

Plushie of a Hydra 152%
Green pit demon 117%
Umbral Masterblade 100%
Golden prison key 100%
Ghost claw 100%
Plushie of a Deepling 96%

Highest proportional price decrease:

Lion axe -60%
Astral glyph -55%
Reaper's axe -53%
Wand of Dimensions -52%
Lion amulet -51%
Maimer -50%

Rares - pricecheck 3.0


I have a great pleasure to present you the 3.0 version of our pricecheck featuring a brand new functionality - historical item prices presented in a form of the graph! Big credits to Mogh and Mad Def for all the tech work they've done to transform my idea into reality.
If you are a trader or you're simply interested in Tibian economy - this is the next level stuff.

How does it work?

Most of the items will now have a new "GRAPH" button that can be clicked to show a chart with the historical item price.


It's very interesting, as you can now quickly analyse how the prices changed in the course of the months/years. It also shows how inflation affects the prices and can be used to predict the upcoming changes.

All prices have been updated.
prices on Antica:


Highest proportional price increase:

Key to knowledge 276%
Golden rune (mwall) 162%
Blood skull 123%
Cornucopia 100%
Crude wood planks 100%

Highest proportional price decrease:

Energized demonbone -75%
Green pit demon -69%
Golden hyaena pendant -67%
Plushie of a Deepling -65%

Price of cockroach legs?

Price Furious Frock?


25tc each


Check the pricecheck for the price on pvp servers. You can add 15-20% if it's on opt-pvp.

Blue sphere??

I know two prices for blue sphere: 80kk and 60kk. pvp, antica



You can add to post energy bomb golden rune emblem. I sold on antica for 45kk, but normal price is 25-30. © 2020. All rights reserved.
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