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Panther checker character guide - kill or mount

Got a little guide on how to have a lower level character check panther for you (High enough to survive Carnaphila and possible Hydra lure)

My tips:

Mage's are best (great haste)

Speed set and time rings are your best friend.

You can use any level and voc if you don't want to invest in leveling. But I suggest 75 mage (faster voc for mana consumption) Grasshopper legs for level 75 (level 80 for gmp longer time in checking) stealth rings are to save mana. Only wear those when you need to log out.


What you want to do here is run between the 3 spawns, hasted at all times, and log out in one of the pink marks on this map. (H=Hydra)

If you find the panther on any of these 3 (and you want to mount on your main a level 80 mage can destroy a panther) then use one of these 3 spots to lure it and suicide then run your main over. Energy fields are where you lure it.





Happy hunting your kitty~! ?

This is awesome ! thx !

Awesome! I added this guide to Midnight Panther on bossopedia! 🙂

I would rather use 50 ek, as this level is more than enough to check and kill panther. Hydra spawn can be also easily avoided either by walking by the river next to Chor or by going north-east from the spawn closer to Banuta.

There is no need to suicide the char. Better option is to lure the panther to the chosen place, then trap the boss or yourself with fire bombs/walls and simply xlog to relog on the main char.