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Our impressive/interesting loots

You don't want to create your own thread, but you've looted something nice? Here is a good place to share your screenshots with us. 🙂

Single good loots or whole hunt overall  - be welcome.


I'll start with my lucky Ethershreck, that I've killed today. First can ever, about 25-30 killed so far.


I also hunted some deeplings yesterday. I don't know the exact amount of supplies that I've used, but here is about 130-150k profit.

Looking for a foxtail since years, no luck so far. :/

Hunted drakens for a while today. Nice profit boost on the way out.


in collectin of amazon set

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Impressive! 😮

Truely amazing. 15 femor hills raids, 3 thais raids and still I didn't loot a single piece...

Lucky beast! 😮

Very nice !

2 recent ones for me 🙂

A single clean of the main PH Hydra spawn looking for The Welter: © 2019. All rights reserved.
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