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Mystery of the Mahatheb - english version

Okay, so I've camped the spot for 6-7h. Killed 60-65~ vampires and a couple of bonebeasts, like 6-7?

No Mahatheb, so it looks like killing monsters in tomb doesn't affect respawn?

I know that I know nothing. Yesterday I did all the things the day before yesterday when I killed Mahatheb twice 🙁 No result. Maybe I'll try again today.

Guys, you actually managed to spawn quite a few Mahathebs in such a short time! This is impressive itself.
Mogh, congrats again, wonderful achievement. 🙂

(I've added an update at the end of the article, that the mystery is still being worked on.)

I've camped today for few hours. 40 vampires, 5 bonebeast and over 3000 monsters killed. No Mahatheb. Next try tomorrow.

@Bosst Thanks 🙂


Short update. Monte works on various theories and camping in Tomb for 12 hours a day. I try to help him as much as I can. If we find out something, we'll let you know.

From now you can see Mahatheb not only on screenshoots but also on video. I recorded him 🙂 Video below.

Update: @Monte and I are still working on it together. I believe we've discovered something. But we still have to confirm it.

Another Mahatheb killed today on Bona:

And he did it again! Another Mahatheb killed today by Mogh!

It was a pleasure to be there, thanks a lot 🙂

Stay tuned, as it seems that Mystery of the Mahatheb II is just ahead of us. Something big is coming.


Hi, today i died on afk in main room and something wird happend, the floor was full of trash, and a few minutes later when i back to spawn ground was clean. Is it possible that was clean server or something like that ? 😮 Sry for my English :p.


Yes, it's possible. It's a reset floor. See the link below.

I see that you spent a lot of time in the Tomb. Have you met Mahatheb?

Unfortunately not, i killed like 200 vampires, some bonebeasts in 2 days but Mahatheb didn't showed up.
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