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Mystery of the Mahatheb - english version


Williams that's not much to be honest. Once I pwn3d +100 rounds of vamps and bonebeasts and no luck. I had like 550-600 rounds without luck, or even more. Apparently 2 Mahathebs in last 2 days and I hope for another one today.


If it resps then my following theory may be true:


Mahatheb has 0% of resp if every fungus in the tomb is not 'activated'. It doesn't matter if you do it, or anyone hunting in the tomb.

If they are activated than Mahatheb can resp and its resp rate is higher than 1% in my opinion. It may be even more than 5%. But of course it's just a theory. I'm working on that one.

Hello guys,

I just want to introduce you to an observation I made.  Sometimes, in the graveyard in which you enter the tomb, there is 2 skeletons and 1 ghoul spawning.  They are not always there and they seems to spawn at the same time.  I stood up in the graveyard and all 3 spawned at once.

It could be nothing, of course...



I already found him once, on a new server, so i think the theory that a certain number of creatures needs to be killed can be true, becouse there was a looot of people hunting there all day long..



I thought about try boss respawn at 10x time event. so here are logs from saturday:

and i walk on EVERY slime fungs at toomb ?

and from Sunday after SS

i don't have screen shoot all sunday hunts, but i killed something like 150+ Vamps nad 10-20 bonebests ,

just standing at boss room. Vamps just spawn loke 40 sec :0

no Mahatheb ?

Very interesting!

Maybe we just need luck for it to spawn instead of vampire.

Another explanation why it did not spawn is maybe it is not working like it suppose during this event.

Okay, guys. I'm back to business. Gonna discover this mystery for good.

It's me, Monte, however I cannot recover my password.

What I've noticed so far is the fact that even though all monsters in the crypt has increased respawn, vampire/bb seem to resp same as before updates.


Keep us updated Monte. You've already done much to discover the secret, don't give up.

I knew I had to be drunk to type my password.

I've just drank 2 beers and some whiskey and now I know my password.

Guys, I'm heading to Mahatheb cave to do some research. I will spend next week in this cave as well, sooooo... first outcome today!



Monte's Mahatheb research diary:

There're 2 guys running in this tomb atm. That's good.


Some updates for you:


20:31 Loot of a vampire: 24 gold coins
20:34 Loot of a vampire: 56 gold coins, a spike sword
20:39 Loot of a vampire: 28 gold coins
20:42 Loot of a vampire: 50 gold coins, a katana
20:44 Loot of a vampire: blood preservation
20:49 Loot of a vampire: 5 gold coins
20:51 Loot of a vampire: nothing
20:55 Loot of a vampire: vampire teeth
20:58 Loot of a vampire: 52 gold coins
21:00 Loot of a vampire: 39 gold coins
21:04 Loot of a vampire: 29 gold coins
21:07 Loot of a vampire: nothing
21:11 Loot of a vampire: 52 gold coins
21:13 Loot of a bonebeast: a skull
21:16 Loot of a vampire: 20 gold coins
21:19 Loot of a vampire: 27 gold coins
21:21 Loot of a vampire: 8 gold coins
21:26 Loot of a vampire: 22 gold coins, a grave flower
21:28 Loot of a vampire: 20 gold coins, vampire teeth
21:31 Loot of a vampire: 2 gold coins, vampire teeth
21:34 Loot of a vampire: 52 gold coins
21:37 Loot of a vampire: a gold coin, vampire teeth
21:40 Loot of a vampire: 21 gold coins
21:44 Loot of a vampire: 37 gold coins
21:48 Loot of a vampire: 49 gold coins
21:52 Loot of a vampire: 60 gold coins
21:55 Loot of a vampire: 47 gold coins
21:58 Loot of a vampire: nothing
22:02 Loot of a vampire: blood preservation, 7 gold coins, vampire teeth
22:05 Loot of a vampire: 50 gold coins
22:07 Loot of a vampire: 60 gold coins
22:11 Loot of a vampire: 57 gold coins
22:19 Loot of a vampire: nothing
22:23 Loot of a bonebeast: a skull
22:26 Loot of a bonebeast: a bone club
22:29 Loot of a bonebeast: a bone
22:33 Loot of a bonebeast: a bone club
22:35 Loot of a vampire: a black pearl, © 2019. All rights reserved.
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