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Mystery of Mahatheb II (English Version)

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Mahatheb is making fun of me.

I've been camping him on 3 servers in parallel - see my statistics since Monday:

Vampire Bonebeast
11.07.2022 130 20
12.07.2022 141 17
13.07.2022 157 24
14.07.2022 204 23
15.07.2022 96 10

and he didn't appear... It's 728 vampires and 94 bonebeasts in total on Bona, Damora and Nadora.

Bet he doesn't like me anymore.
We had a small brainstorm with Mogh this week and we came up with idea that maybe Mahatheb is a part of unannounced small world change. That's why there are days that there is absolutely no chance to find him. That'd explain why on some worlds there were cases when Mahatheb spawned twice in one day and cases which I am going through right now.

Or maybe it's just a bad luck for me. We'll see. I'll try to camp him a little bit more next week.

Funny story. I couldn't play during weekend and someone killed Mahatheb on 17th of July. I was disappointed that it wasn't me and then... after just less than 10 rounds Mahatheb appeared again on Bona. Moreover, I was extremely lucky, because someone was hunting on this level when it resped.


I am more and more convinced that there are some conditions which needs to be fulfilled to get Mahatheb resped. I killed 800 rounds in 5 days and didn't get him and then in 2 days 2 Mahathebs appeared on Bona.

Uploaded files:
  • 2022-07-18_134416023_Montshyak_BossDefeated.png



on Bona we just met Mahatheb and imagine that this sucker summons 6-7 Blue Djins XD

I was so amazed that I didn't manage to take a screenshot, cause I couldn't figure out correct hotkeys combination. You have to trust me though.

Uploaded files:
  • Montshyak-Mahatheb.png

Wow.. so they change the boss mechanics? Probably after the implement of bosstiary then

Well - I am not sure if they changed anything - to be honest, I doubt it. We stayed with Mahatheb yesterday for 15-20 minutes and it summoned djins just once. Maybe he does it very very rare. This morning Mogh found another Mahatheb and we stayed with him for few minutes as well. No djins again. I think Mahatheb has always summoned djins, but it's a very rare 'feature'.

4th Mahatheb in span of 5 days!

And now I managed to prove that he summons djins! It took him 27 minutes to do that, but now we know that he does that!

16:14 Loot of Mahatheb: a gauze bandage, a worm.

Uploaded files:
  • Run-Boy-Run-Mahatheb.png

Did you do something different or just keep killing respawn to make Mahateb appears?


I've performed quite a lot of actions there to be honest. I'll list them below. Usually after performing them I have met the boss, however I am still trying to determine which action could be the one:


  • killing mobs on all floors, not skipping any of them,
  • total numbers of mobs killed was higher than 2.5K
  • stepping on slime moulds,
  • camping main room,

My theory is:

you need to somehow 'switch' Mahatheb from ON to OFF and only then there's a chance that it will resp instead of vampire or bonebeast. If a condition has not been fulfilled then you can sit there killing vamps/bonebeasts for 3 months and he will not resp anyway.

You are amazing. You spent so much time on this boss and thanks to you we know so much more about him. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for your research. Thank you @monte

Yo boys, great work down here!

My quest for Mahatheb have been started a few days, didn't had anything unusual (2 bonebeasts in a row was my climax haha)

I have a question (for those who managed to spawn him)

Did in any of those attempts, were you in the screen? since we can't block vampire or bonebeast respawn, this is also applicable for the boss?

Thanks, im trying it on Kalibra, been a while since his last server kill here 😛



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