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Micek Xearion [Vunira]


Tried the new bosstiary but it didn't match my expectations 😀 I cannot compete with high lvls at all... And I don't like 20h bosses to be honest. But I managed to get Yaga at first day and be top 1. for few hours and today I met the frog prince 😀


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Test server fun 😀

I was on monster rampage, but most fun was in the end of it, when I found that that few monsters were also spawned in Thais city 😀

I wanted to try to solo orsha, but I managed to find and lure away only feru 😀 suprisingly for me, he didn't headshoot me (just 350 ED). Only once he hit me to red hp.

After few minutes, when I realized, that he is outhealing my sds I yelled for help, 3 ppl came and we killed it quite easy then. First feru blocked by ED? xD Nice reward :))


It's a pity that these rampages don't take place at the weekend, I can never take part because I'm at work. :/
Nice adventure with this Feru and the screenshot from the hat is priceless, even though it's only TS 🙂