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Makadamia [Bona]

One of the most impressive collections of items, wins and achievements overall I've ever seen. 50% contest win ratio? Damn this is kinda... scary xD
Oh, and gz on 600 too!

Thank you! Oh, I'm not so scared! I can win more contests, still a lot of missing items in my collection! 😀

If we are talking about contests... I won something, maybe not literally in the contest - it was a lottery! My second Golden Rune Emblem. I already have got the most popular among the rare ones - Paralyze, so this time I decided to choose Energy Bomb.

Okay, all in all I showed the most interesting screenshot, so we can finish this post for today. Just kidding.

Post wouldn't be mine without SPAM of levels on Issavi sewers, right? 😉

Here we've got a magic level:

I'm trying to finish "Major Taurus" and "Minor Taurus" in the bestiary by killing some raids... well, wish me a lot of patience. Sooner or later I'll do it.

Double Experience/Skill Weekend of course on sewers:

... and a "good bye" hunt on Skeleton Elite Warriors and Undead Elite Gladiators. Now, after "balancing" hunting places there is not sense to spend our time there:

Cipsoft could reduce the loot, but making this place harder than it is just destroyed it :/ Now it is simply useless.

This time I was more focused on achievements and quests than usual. I finally finished Kilmaresh Quest and earned some new achievements!

Some players say that Gryphon looks nice. In my opinion - not. Anyway +1 achievement looks nice indeed.

This is my favourite achievement from Kilmaresh:

The new outfit, I mean Poltergeist Outfit looks really nice. I wanted it so much, even if it's cheap now 🙂

On the other hand I'm not a big fan of the new mount - Haze. Remember Crazy Frog? Yeah... 😀

Usually, when I have a lot of screenshots with achievements it means that I didn't check bosses often.

First time I met Demodras on his random respawn place:

Nothing special at all:

Undead Cavebear #67-68

Thanks to Popicii and his amazing patience I finished whole bestiary on Yetis!

Tyrn #20

Zushuka #15

I also had several adventures on daily bosses! For example my death... 😀

Well... shit happens! I had better times too!

1st Phantasmal Axe

1st Pair of Nightmare Boots

3rd Pair of Dreamwalkers

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