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Makadamia [Bona]

One of the most impressive collections of items, wins and achievements overall I've ever seen. 50% contest win ratio? Damn this is kinda... scary xD
Oh, and gz on 600 too!

Thank you! Oh, I'm not so scared! I can win more contests, still a lot of missing items in my collection! 😀

If we are talking about contests... I won something, maybe not literally in the contest - it was a lottery! My second Golden Rune Emblem. I already have got the most popular among the rare ones - Paralyze, so this time I decided to choose Energy Bomb.

Okay, all in all I showed the most interesting screenshot, so we can finish this post for today. Just kidding.

Post wouldn't be mine without SPAM of levels on Issavi sewers, right? 😉

Here we've got a magic level:

I'm trying to finish "Major Taurus" and "Minor Taurus" in the bestiary by killing some raids... well, wish me a lot of patience. Sooner or later I'll do it.

Double Experience/Skill Weekend of course on sewers:

... and a "good bye" hunt on Skeleton Elite Warriors and Undead Elite Gladiators. Now, after "balancing" hunting places there is not sense to spend our time there:

Cipsoft could reduce the loot, but making this place harder than it is just destroyed it. Now it is simply useless.

This time I was more focused on achievements and quests than usual. I finally finished Kilmaresh Quest and earned some new achievements!

Some players say that Gryphon looks nice. In my opinion - not. Anyway +1 achievement looks nice indeed.

This is my favourite achievement from Kilmaresh:

The new outfit, I mean Poltergeist Outfit looks really nice. I wanted it so much, even if it's cheap now 🙂

On the other hand I'm not a big fan of the new mount - Haze. Remember Crazy Frog? Yeah... 😀

Usually, when I have a lot of screenshots with achievements it means that I didn't check bosses often.

First time I met Demodras on his random respawn place:

Nothing special at all:

Undead Cavebear #67-#68

Thanks to Popicii and his amazing patience I finished whole bestiary on Yetis!

Tyrn #20

Zushuka #15

I also had several adventures on daily bosses! For example my death... 😀

Well... shit happens! I had better times too!

1st Phantasmal Axe

1st Pair of Nightmare Boots

3rd Pair of Dreamwalkers

It's all for now, see you!

I don't know if anybody missed my screenshots with levels, but I came back with more 😀

Finally somewhere else than Issavi and Asuras, because sometimes I make bestiary too!

I still need to finish Medusas and Hydras. I guess Banuta is one of the easiest place to make some Charm Points, but I don't like to hunt there solo, so I don't have much opportunity to finish it. On the other hand I have finished Feversleeps and Terrorsleeps in Roshamuul mines! It was fun 🙂

Such a lot of levels, so I also have to publish a picture with the most spectacular death in my career!

Feb 12 2020, 00:00:24 CET Died at Level 621 by a winter wolf.

Finally I finished Cults of Tibia Quest and get a new achievement "Corruption Contained".

... and a Leaf Crown! To have my very own tree in the house 😀

Okay, so let's move to some lucky loots.

1st Candle Stump

Now I can tame a Mole, but I wouldn't expect a screenshot with this mount soon.

My last item from Grand Master Oberon I looted in November 2018 and now is a time for another item!

If anybody seeing my collection of items thought that I'm lucky, this is the proof that he was wrong.

5th Enchanted Sleep Shawl

6th Enchanted Sleep Shawl

7th Enchanted Sleep Shawl

+ quite nice combo from Alptramun:

Fleabringer #2

Arachir The Ancient One #19

Ocyakao #10

Shlorg #14

Countess Sorrow #7

Tyrn #21

This post and probably the next one will be dominated by screenshots with levels. Firstly it's because recently I'm leveling quite fast. Second reason is that this time is really hard for everyone, who check bosses on my server (still Bona, as in title). A lot of new people started to do this randomly, moreover some (I guess) experienced players came back to Tibia and literally camp on bosses' spawn places or "do the bestiary" there - of course it blocks resets of floor... uhhh. They won't kill the boss, but they also won't let anybody else do this.

Okay, so after this short introduction with crying, time for some levels!

We tried new place with some Fafnar Cultists - it's not bad. Especially when you need to finish Black Sphinx Acolyte in your bestiary. Here you will find incomparably more of them, than on the sewers.

Lost Souls for fun. And for the bestiary of course!

My beloved Asuras 😀

A short break in hunting Asuras...

Finally few more levels during Double Experience/Skill Weekend. Guess where...

Yeah, I'm aware it is boring 😉

Glooth Golem with quite weird plan for his existence:

Bosses. Not many, but still something...

Sir Valorcrest #20

Diblis The Fair #25

Tyrn #22

I think I'm really lucky with Tyrn and really unlucky with Sun Mirror as well 😉

Man In The Cave #21

... with my third Fur Cap!

What about daily bosses? Not bad. This time only 2 items, but better this, than nothing, right?

1st Cobra Sword

7th Dark Whispers

No. Not this time. I didn't win anything.

Okay, so if I didn't win anything, then why I put this additional section to this post?

Recently I noticed that this kind of events became really toxic. You know, my experience goes back to 2014 and I don't remember times with such a lot of comments judging others' work: who should win, whose work sucks, who deserved the prize etc. I think that some people forgot, that it should be a fun. And that this fun is the most important part of every contest. Not items. Not money.

Fun. Unlocking creativity.

Maybe I am wrong, but in my opinion these two things should be the only reason to spend time on fansites' contests.

As usual I went too far from what I wanted to present. Now, to the point: recently I took part in TibiaEvents' contest - Eventholder's Girlfriend. As I already mentioned I didn't win anything, but I had so much fun on doing my submissions, that I want to share the effect here 🙂

You can see my submissions here.

Firstly I wanted to create a polymer clay figurine. It was my first and main project. Some of my friends said, that the sketch with project looks nice as well, so I decided to make a drawing too.

Despite the lack of prize, I have a great memories from creating process!

Hope you like it 🙂

Ofc no one writes here besides us (which sux), so let me at least quickly comment the most interesting thing which I've noticed in your 3 last posts:

  • you've gained 38 lvls, oh well that's kinda nice, as it would take me like 3 years to do the same 😀
  • there were some epic deaths on the way (mammoths and wolves xd), but nothing can stop you it seems
  • you won , good choice - it's pretty and worth a bit of good gold
  • and lost the Eventholder's Girlfriend contest which I totally don't understand and this time it looks rigged, cause the winner's entry was really crappy, comparing to yours. I would stop participating in their contests if I were you.
  • gratz on the yeti bestiary - hard like freaking hell to make it nowadays
  • and final gratz for mlvl, bosses and other achievements 🙂 (22 tyrns? impressive)

The most funny thing is that in game, via private messages I got bigger response to this life thread, than here 😀 I don't know what's going on, sometimes players who remember me from Tibiopedia write something like "I saw your new life thread on TibiaBosses! Great as always!" and here... nothing!

About levels... it's so easy nowadays to make it, but of course it depends on your gaming style. I gave up checking bosses frequently, to spend more time on improving my skills and level. Tibia these days is a rat race.

If we are talking about Eventholder's Girlfriend contest on TibiaEvents - right, I take part in fansites' contests for so many years and it was the first time, when I was so dissapointed about the results. Not because I wasn't in top 3, but because my figurine, which was (in my opinion) quite unique and creative idea - didn't get even 1 point.

Enough, time for screenshots. This time again, a lot of levels:


When I was hunting on the way to Ascending Ferumbras I noticed a very funny place, which absolutely moved my fantasy!

Imagine, sunbathing with Hellflayers. Noice.

Ok, now go back to the rest of levels:

Finally half way to the 700 level is passed.

Last time during Orcsoberfest Event I didn't have time to do all the tasks, but this time I made an achievement 🙂

Daily bosses this time were not so generous as usual.

4th Pair of Dreamwalkers

I was also quite unlucky with bosses.

Bosshunter, who can't meet even one boss? Solution is easy - go and kill Willi Wasp!

... and when you're finally done with "Razing!" achievement suddenly you meet such a lot of Vampire Lords on your way... do you know this feeling? Interesting, that it was so hard to meet them, when I wanted to loot some Vampire Lord Tokens

Arachir The Ancient One #20

Diblis The Fair #26

Sir Valorcrest #21

Sir Valorcrest #22

Tyrn #23

Another opportuninty to make something creative appeared - announced "Draw a NabBot Contest"! It was something for me 🙂 After my last contest I felt lack of self confidence, but I like drawing, so I tried to do my best and won 2nd place!

You can see my drawing here.

My first drawing was destroyed accidentally. It cost me some time, but I wanted to have one in my collection, so I drew it again:

Here you can see all of my recent creations:

Hope you like it!

 I started my adventure with drawing and pixel art because of fansites' contests. I'm not a professional artist, but during last 6 years I collected some photos and graphics of my work, so I wanted to present my new DeviantART account, where I have published all of my contest's submissions, no matter if they won anything or not. Click the logo and visit my gallery!

See you in the next post!

Wow @makadamia you are such an artist! Nice drawings 😀

Congratulations on your levels and of course on your boss hunt, I never manage to find that many bosses 😛 But true is that my job does not allow me to be close to a computer, so I cannot check them often.

Oh and, in my opinion Sapphire Tome is really damn nice.

Holly, i just saw all your Life Thread and first of all, congratz for all the goals you completed!

Im new on the forum, and holly macarroni! this thread is gold!

Waiting for new posts.



Thanks Angie! 😀 Yeah, it's true. Being a good bosshunter doesn't depend on luck, but on the server where you used to play (how populated is it) and your free time. If you usually enter to Tibia for 2 hours, then logout and come back next day - there is rather no chance to find any boss especially on a crowded server.

 @arnautron Oooh, thank you! You don't even know how nice is to read these words 🙂

Being a male in game became boring, so I changed my sex again:

Levels can wait, because finally I made a serious magic level!

Maybe it sounds ridiculous, since I've got so many rare and expensive items in my house, but in fact I'm quite poor player. I don't even have full equipment. That's why I have no money for dozens of Excercise Rods and my skill might be better. But no rush. Sooner or later my magic level will be high!

Okay, so now some levels:

I continued making bestiary points:

Also had some fun on Asuras during Double Experience/Skill Weekend:

Doing bestiary on WOTE turned out to be lucky again!

This time Urmahlullu The Weakened became at least a little bit lucky:

2nd Blister Ring

1st Winged Boots

I haven't seen rare bosses for such a long time.

Fleabringer #3

... they didn't even notice him 😀

The Big Bad One #2

This is my second War Wolf boss, but as I remember - my first in this life thread 🙂

... and finally I can update my list 🙂

Big Boss Trolliver #1

list of rare bosses

  • Barbaria
  • Battlemaster Zunzu
  • Big Boss Trolliver
  • Burster
  • Captain Jones
  • Dreadful Disruptor
  • Dreadmaw
  • Flamecaller Zazrak
  • Fleabringer
  • Foreman Kneebiter
  • General Murius
  • Grand Mother Foulscale
  • Grandfather Tridian
  • Gravelord Oshuran
  • Grorlam
  • Hairman The Huge
  • High Templar Cobrass
  • Mahatheb
  • Rukor Zad
  • Smuggler Baron Silvertoe
  • The Big Bad One
  • The Blightfather
  • The Evil Eye
  • The Frog Prince
  • The Manhunter
  • The Mean Masher
  • The Old Whopper
  • The Voice Of Ruin
  • Tzumrah The Dazzler
  • Warlord Ruzad
  • Xenia
  • Yaga The Crone
  • Zarabustor

Undead Cavebears, of course without skull .

The Pale Count #12

Sir Valorcrest #23

Ocyakao #11

Shlorg #15

After so many years of hunting bosses, finally my first Goo Shell. Another goal achieved! 🙂



Today I want to present my brand new item, which I won in the newest Fansite Item Contest!

I think it is definitely the most controversial of all items designed by me. I have never met with such a huge criticism about my work before. It was literally crying that it was chosen as a fansite item, lol. I had an opportunity to read that it looks bad, like a typical stackable item, which you can sell to the Yasir. Good to know!

As I already said, contests have never been so toxic, as it is now, so I'm not surprised. Unfortunately.

Nowadays it's even hard to call it a "contest". It is an unfair fight for a rare and expensive items with cheaters! Let's be honest. Adding entries done by someone else than participant became a standard. While in drawing contests one person successively wins with her mother's drawings ( by the way - imagine this: "Moom, could you make a painting of Ferumbras? I want to win some items in Tibia!"), in case of pixel-art contests 30% of sprites made by participants are based on CipSoft sprites or what is much worse - on sprites found via Google Graphics. Wish one day the rule about plagiarism will be treated more seriously.

I am really happy, that my work is appreciated during these times. I care to make sprites started from scratch, to present my own work and finally to be fair to every other participant, who put such a lot of effort in creating beautiful items, as I do. Contests should be a fun, but not everybody understands it.

I have to add also my other submissions for this contest, because first time ever I made such a lot of items for one fansite and I like them all!

Here you can see also some animations:


Of course all of my sprites you can check on my DeviantArt!

Hope you like it! © 2020. All rights reserved.
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