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Makadamia [Bona]

Thanks guys! 😉

I'll start with my magic level:

Time to add next SPAM of levels, some from Prison, some was made on Nightmare Isles during double experience and skills weekend...

As you can see I've visited also mechanical creatures raid, which was a great choice, because of great fun and... my 4th Tin Key!

I've looted three Tin Keys before, first one I kept as a decoration and rest I got in team hunts, so we just sold it. Now I decided to finally tame a Tin Lizzard.

Well, couldn't be so easily... but finally it worked! New achievement in my collection:

If we're talking about taming new mounts, I've looted also my first Golden Can of Oil! What is more important - not from Golden Servant, but from task boss of Ghastly Dragons! 🙂

... and this is the end of my luck, because few minutes later:

Shit happens. Anyway I still wanted a new mount. Doesn't matter which one. I just wanted new one and more achievements in my collection. That's why I decided to make a quest to get ability to tame Modified Gnarlhound!

Last, but not least I made an Oriental Outfit! Why it took me so much time? I just wanted to loot all the items needed to make full outfit. The hardest was to loot 100 Ape Furs. Well, maybe it's not the hardest task in Tibia, but I decided to loot it by my noobchars. Because of this it took more time - I did not have enough time to play on any other char except my main.

This is the end of achievements. Now i've got 700 poins for it ? Wish me patience with getting 800 points!

Okay! So time for bosses. Not many this time, but still something.

Undead Cavebears #20-#24

Rotworm Queen #43

Zevelon Duskbringer #22

Diblis The Fair #16

And next The Welter! It was my 8th. Seems that Guardia bringed me luck with this boss. It's a pity, that it didn't bring me luck with loot from this boss :mrgreen:

Well, it's still better than last one 😛

Hello again! I'm back with more adventures from Guardia 🙂

My level is slowly increasing. This is one of the nicest moments for semi-retired player - 2 levels for free 😆

When Diremaws were weaker it was possible even for Druid... ehhh beautiful time 😛

Easy achievement:

My friend was killing Glooth Fairy for few days, unfortunately without any lucky loot. I'm a pure evil, so nasty idea have appeared in my mind. What if I loot Feedbag from the first Glooth Fairy? Well, of course it was not my first in the whole career, but first after such a long time. Hmmm... he would be mad! 👿

So... my 4th Feedbag. I didn't realize this plan perfectly. I get backpack from the second boss haha 😆

And yeah! He was mad as fuck!

More and more...

Same here... But wait, it was my 2nd Midnight Panther. It's not my favourite rare mount, so I didn't even check it often before...

Cublarc The Plunderer #94-#95

Diblis The Fair #17

... and one more:

Sir Valorcrest #16

Fernfang #10

Huh, I'm not sure, but this is the first Shlorg in my thread on Tibia Bosses... and my 10th overall.

Zushuka #11

As I wrote in the last post - Guardia bringed me luck with The Welter. Seriously! But I couldn't imagine, that such a nice "double" is possible 😆

"You won't kill The Welter, it will be mine! You will see... I know the tactic very well, I'll trap my char with boss and two Spawns!"

I wanted to explain... that it's not a good idea... he didn't care. Well... if he knows better, okay!

As I already told ya, I'm a pure evil... lured on him some Spawns Of The Welter, trapped, then took boss on myself far away from him...

... and finally get my first rare item from The Welter!

Kribaa and The Welter, such a lovely combo, isn't it?

Next The Welter was also mine:

It's all for now! Thanks for watching! 🙂


Awww Mang! I'm glad, that you like it 😀

This post will be nice, I promise! Finally a lot of rares, so stay with me and keep watching!

This time I've focused on contests and bosses, not on my level, so... only 3 more:

Ok, time for achievements. This one took me 4 years:

First fully unlocked position in Bestiary:

Thanks to Brazilian part of guild Hill and friends I killed final boss from Heart Of Destruction Quest and earned the achievement "Ender of the End" 🙂

... and of course my new mount:

Another achievement in my collection:

Those one who are following my threads know perfectly well, that sometimes I have to loot something, no matter how stupid task it is or how cheap are items. This "mission" is one of the most time-wasting thing I've ever made ? I decided to loot 100 Medicine Pouches to get my first Slug Drug! Because of this stupid idea I've fully unlocked Swamp Trolls on four characters and killed 5792 of them... and guess what?


At least I've got an achievement:

I won't give up, I'm looting next 100 Medicine Pouches!  😎

I want to add, that I made my 3rd armor from set, which you can get for 100 Silver Tokens. This time protection from energy:

Okay, time for bosses 🙂

Well known nasty monster... Dire Penguin!

Undead Cavebears #29-40







Promise, that when I loot this f***ingI will never come back to this place 🙁

Next irritating boss, which never gave me anything interesting - Dharalion:

One more:

I promised lucky loot, so - Fernfang #11

It's my first Wooden Whistle so far!

Haven't seen White Pale for ages:

Some vampire bosses aswell!

Diblis The Fair #19

Arachir The Ancient One #13

Gravelord Oshuran #1

I couldn't belive that I came here for such a long time to make checks of Arachir The Ancient One and have never seen him before. So time to update my list of rare bosses with this new one. Also I've added some new bosses to meet 🙂

list of rare bosses

  • Barbaria
  • Battlemaster Zunzu
  • Big Boss Trolliver
  • Burster
  • Captain Jones
  • Dreadful Disruptor
  • Dreadmaw
  • Flamecaller Zazrak
  • Fleabringer
  • Foreman Kneebiter
  • General Murius
  • Grand Mother Foulscale
  • Grandfather Tridian
  • Gravelord Oshuran
  • Grorlam
  • Hairman The Huge
  • High Templar Cobrass
  • Mahatheb
  • Rukor Zad
  • Smuggler Baron Silvertoe
  • The Big Bad One
  • The Blightfather
  • The Evil Eye
  • The Frog Prince
  • The Manhunter
  • The Mean Masher
  • The Old Whopper
  • The Voice Of Ruin
  • Tzumrah The Dazzler
  • Warlord Ruzad
  • Xenia
  • Yaga The Crone
  • Zarabustor

Tyrn #9

Tyrn #10

All Tyrns are thanks to Ordinary Citizen, who is lucky as hell with this boss and helping me with it!

Zushuka #12

My first Furyosa  😎

In the end - my 2nd Jaul's Pearl!


As you can see in quite short time I've obtained Jaul's Pearl, Trapped Lightening and Wooden Whistle, but this is not the end of rares in this post.

I took part in some contests organised by Tibia fansites 🙂

First of all result of Christmas Card Contest organised by ex-fansite I won 3rd place and got my first Bronze Warrior Trophy!

You can see my drawing here.

Next contest was organised by, where I won 2nd place... Note that for 1st place I could get Epaminondas Doll and for 3rd place - Elven Trophy. Unlucky Makadamia.

You can see my drawing here.

Our "celebrity" of (hope you know, who I mean ?) was laughing at me so much that I'm wasting my time on Now I've got also Majestic Shield. He doesn't 🙂

It's all for now. Wish me good luck and see you in the next post!

😮 Perfect screenshots. Congrats!

Thank you Mad Def! 🙂

Okay, so let's go with next portion of my adventures from Guardia... New lappy and new display resolution, maybe for some of you it will be more eye-friendly, idk! Anyway, some levels. I'm not sure at the moment, but it was probably double experience and skill weekend on Nigtmare Isles.

... and our friend Rapido, who came to help us ? I don't even know why!

More and more levels...

Enough! During this time I made next magic level!

First achievement for progress in Bestiary:

Finally! After all thise years I looted all parts and made my first Jester Doll! Of course I wasn't very active on Undead Jesters raids before, but I decided that good to have at least one in Depo 😛

We tried to loot Tanjis' Sight, but we were unlucky...

Now, something for bosshunters!

Cublarc The Plunderer, my old friend from Zao Steppes 😀

BANG! Double!

Trying so hard...

Arachir The Ancient One #14

Diblis The Fair #20


Countess Sorrow #4

Tyrn #11

He was waiting for me under the stairs with some people looking for help in killing him 🙂

The Welter #11

It's all for now. I know that it wasn't as interesting, as recent post, but it is impossible to have luck with rares and contests all the time! Maybe next time! 😀

As you already noticed, all screenshots in recent posts were still from Guardia. And suddenly on March Cipsoft has announced non-PvP merges. On April Guardia, Nerana and Tavara became one crowded server called Bona. It was time, when over 600 players were online and finding at least one boss with such a big competition was "mission impossible"! It is as I thought at the beginning, but soon I had realised how wrong I was. It turned out, that everything is as possible, as on Guardia!

First of all I made new, higher magic level!

Some levels as well...

I hate minotaurs' raid on Oramond, but better this one, than nothing, right?

... and the next one during some POI checks:

I was also killing deeplings! Haven't been here for ages and started to miss them! 😀

This hunt was definitely worth my time! I get my first foxtail...

Also I luckily I tamed the Manta Ray on the first try:

Sometimes I'm lucky enough to find team on Professor Maxxen and rest of bosses from Hero of Rathleton Quest and maybe one day I'll collect all items necessery to make Glooth Glider.

For now I've looted Glooth Glider Tubes and Wires and Roll of Covering , so I'm not even close to reach my goal 🙁

The last armor from set I had to make:

Now I've got all of them!

The first boss I've met in game after merges was Midnight Panter!

Then two more....

Midnight Panther #4

Midnight Panther #5

Crustacea Gigantica #21

Arachir The Ancient One #15

Sir Valorcrest #17

The Pale Count #6

The last screenshot is commemorative one and very important to me - with Alitram and Itz Niusia R.I.P.

... anyway 80/100

The Plasmother #2

And finally! My first Mr. Punish, thanks to Itz Niir!

Tyrn #12

I think that The Welter is the most common guest in my topic, especially recenly, so he could not be omitted!

The Welter #12

And the next one, which you can already know from facebook with amazing loot!


It's all for now! Hope you like it and see you soon!  😀

Plenty of luck here. And that welter double, freaking monster combo. Truely inspiring!

Give me some luck please  😆  😆

Quote from Mang on 26 November 2018, 16:25

Give me some luck please  ?  ?

You mean this "luck" with Cornucopia? 😀 No problem! Take it!  😆 © 2019. All rights reserved.
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