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Makadamia [Monza]

Admittedly, I've been on Monza for some time, but there are still a bunch of screenshots waiting for me to post even from a few months ago.

So, here I'm still on Bona, leading the life of a boring player, who:

► Occasionally bumps up levels, unhurriedly, while completing some bestiary entries or making a nice profit,

Two levels during the "Rise of Devovorga" event! 😀

► Invests all the money earned in the game into magic levels, for unknown reasons,

► Tried to face the dangers of participating in the Tibiadrome arena fight, which resulted in exceptional luck, and the first potion - the most expensive one - Stamina Extension, sold for 10000000 gold coins,

While trying luck on Tibiadrome two weeks later, scored one of the best potions again - Bestiary Betterment!

► Felt like relaxing a bit while earning more achievements!

I fully unlocked 100 easy monsters in the Cyclopedia during Rapid Respawn Weekend.

I also finally had the opportunity (Rapid Respawn Weekend) to grab another mount. I looted Candle Stump a long time ago, but I haven't looked into this area while waiting for the hunt to complete the bestiary.

Finally finished Cave Explorer Outfit! It looks really nice, I have no idea why this outfit isn't as popular as it should be.

I also spent some time exploring new areas and completed Too Hot To Handle Quest.

While opening my first Eldritch Casket I got an adorable toy - Plushie of Lavaworm! I guess I was really lucky because it is the rarest item available from these boxes.

Continuing to explore new areas, I earned two more achievements!

► Hasn't had any luck with bosses lately and has only met one.

The Welter #17

It's all! Hope you like it! 🙂

The time came that I had to change the server, so once again this topic will change its name, but the content will stay in the same vibes! 🙂 A bit of noob-style hunting, bosses, fanarts, and... everything!

Bye Bona, welcome Monza!

I can't hide the fact that the overriding issue for me in this game is having houses where I can present my collection of rare items I've been collecting for almost 8 years, so knowing that I would most likely lose them, I had to take commemorative screenshots.

Wallside Lane 1 (Bona)

Rathleton Residence (Bona)

Well, I know that according to the current fashion set by Tibia-trendsetters the decor of these houses sucks, but I always liked those oldschool stacks full of talons! 😀 Every PRO house in times when I started my adventure with this game looked exactly in this way. Those were cool times!

On the other hand, hitting Monza, I was once again asked to make a house decoration. We ended up with quite a large (if not the largest) house in the Rathleton! Here is the result:

I'm not patient enough to make these decorations my hobby, but if someone likes what I do - then why not! 😀

The difficulty of course was the huge size, the limited amount of Tibia Coins to spend, and the absolute lack of any items. I had to manage using cheap, quest items. I hope you like the result.

We started rather uncharacteristically, but that's the end of the decorations. It's time for the hunts!

New server, new achievements!

First of all, I continued to explore the map.

There was also an achievement that I completely overlooked and forgot about.

Tibiadrome! Once again, I was able to get my hands on a pretty cool potion. This time it was a Charm Upgrade sold for about 2000000 gold coins!

As befits a boss-hunter - it's time to show off the bosses. Unfortunately, as the boss-hunter - so the success. Poorly!

We have no luck with daily bosses, completely. However, we do occasionally manage to get some cheap addons from the Pirats' boss.

Well... #monza

... and my 18th black Hydra. Of course, if any guy has been trapped for a while with a full cage of Spawns Of The Welter there is no way to beat him, whatever level or profession he may be.

Tyrn #30

No comment.

With the lack of time due to many duties in my real life, it was a good time to take up trading at the market! I had been planning to buy Blue Tome and Green Tome for years. However, there was one condition - I would acquire as many as 3 Grey Tomes by myself and thus prove to myself that I can do it. Then I will sell at least one, and with the money I earn, I will buy the missing colors for the set.

I did it!

Great to see you still keep playing 🙂


New sound mechanics that will be implemented to the game made me come back to play again.

You and Mad had the best topic on Tibiopedia and that obliges. Now you have the best on Tibiabosses. I could write an essay commenting on each screen, but I am too lazy.
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