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Makadamia [Bona]


Let's present some screenshots, to make this thread more up to date!

This year I finally completed all (at least for now) achievements, which I was able to get during the Bewitched event! This one is obtainable by using 500 Dry Pieces of Wood.

One more outfit in my collection!

Diblis The Fair #28

Zushuka #19

Tyrn #29

My bad luck with the loot from all random bosses is well known. I'm really curious, how many Tyrns I have to kill, to finally loot Sun Mirror . The same thing was with Cornucopia - to get one I had to kill about 40 Dharalions... and I still didn't loot any Cavebear Skull after killing almost 80 Undead Cavebears!

House decorations are definitely not my thing, I'm not patient enough to push all these objects, I prefer to spend my free time on hunts or bosses... or pixel art, but my friend asked for help, so I couldn't refuse! Here you can see the result:

... and unfortunately, this decoration does not exist anymore. R.I.P on Deletera.

I could say that it is a lucky loot, but... it's not even yellow! 🙁

As you probably noticed, I made a new Rascoohan Outfit with both addons. It means I looted a Soap! It was our first one 🙂

Popicii: 3x , 1x

Bigg Melon: 2x ,

Makadamia: 3x , 1x .

One more and the mission will be completed! 😀

And probably the most interesting screenshot in this post, at least for me:

We barely hunt on Plagirath seal, because experience per hour strongly depends on the knight's weapon and for now there is no good sword with energy damage, but sometimes, especially when we've got Prey Hunting Task it happens. It is a good opportunity to try our luck killing the boss! ... and we killed Plagirath literally 3 times this year! 😀

It was a delightful surprise! Although I didn't prepare anything for the "Golden Question of May" contest on and only asked two questions about things I was doing in Tibia at that time, I managed to take second place! Woohaaa!

I love this screenshot! 😀 © 2020. All rights reserved.
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