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Lydrils Life thread

Hello everyone :)..

I just started hunting bosses now and i finally found one today and decided to share my experience hunting bosses. Will also share some level screenshots :D.

I have a Sorcerer and a paladin to check bosses with :).

Lets get starting with this screenshot!


# Arachir the ancient one

Good luck, I wish you many bosses killed! 😀

Cool! I love watching screenshots, the more the better haha 🙂 Good luck with bosses bro!

Thank you @Mad Def and @Makadamia for support :).

Double exp weekend started and i got some level pics :D. And finally i can hunt with 0 freezes/kicks!!!

#Lydril Paladin 127 draken hunt

#RP 128

#Quaerira MS 181-182 demon tasking

#MS 183 Glooth bandits

#WHITE PALE!! Horn loot 😀

#The Pale count, Vampire lord token and silver raid token!

Nice! Lucky with horn 😀 You killed many of them before dropped it? 😮

Quote from Mad def on 8 May 2017, 18:21

Nice! Lucky with horn ? You killed many of them before dropped it? ?

Actually its my first try xD

# The Evil eye, always funny finding bosses 😀

#RP LVL 130

#RP LVL 133

Wow, amazing! XD

for a first try, that horn loot was pretty cool


gratz on the advances!! good luck finding the next one

Thank you @Icky the Hero  🙂

#RP 134-136

#MS Zushuka! I almost died 200 times and had panic but i made it!

#Loot Not the best but im still happy 😀 © 2019. All rights reserved.
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