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Logo Contest - Submissions Thread

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Nome = Kleyton Cesar

Cha = Holy Mirage

Word = Premia



My second entry ????


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155x155 pixels (png)

150x100 pixels (gif)

250x65 pixels (png)


Myth Mine


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Awesome Clinkez


Based on original tibia logo, to maintain the "style" and used some of the most iconical bosses (Gaz'haragoth, Devovorga and the classic Ferumbras) that have teamplay in tibia.
Hope you like it.


In the earlie stage of the design, i tried to make the tibia torns, but then realise that it wont be visible at a smalls size, so i decide to change it to the black rock with the golden stroke.

and logo  155x155 PNG.   155x100 gif   and 250x65 PNG.

made all the sizes usefull even if they change, the logo keeps the elements to fit in it.



example 1

example 2: this may look bigger than the original size, as i took de freedom to fit it in the header space.

Example 3


Name: Carlos Ruggiero

Character: Italian Craack

World: Phytera

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Character: Purpleblast

World: Aurera

Seventh entry:

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Creation process:

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Real Name: Joiver Bolívar

Name: Zop Zap

World: Hydera


Design #1  150*100       

Design #1.1

Design #2

Design #3

Design #4 


155 x 155

150 x 100

250 x 65


Character name - Epiik

World - Calmera



WORD: Bellona


I have done this logo with the mindset of "List/what time?".
The logo is made for FLAT UI also know as the design your website is based on.
I made the logo in a fit for the top header on the site to see how it would look like.

Hope you like it. Also I got it in vector so you can strech it as much as u want in transparent or what background you ever want.

Logo 150x100 px

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Logo 155x155 px

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logo 250x65 px

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Original logo transparent 300x150 px

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Logo with website test layout

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Logo inprogress photoshop

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Website with logo in progress.

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