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Logo Contest - Questions

Results should be this week, or at the beginning of next.

while i have nothing to say in that matter, it shouldnt be allowed since i could make 50 diffrent signs with just my entry just by swapping from left to write, changing the colors, getting a new text etc.


i mean its just logic to me but lets see what they say

You mean it shouldn't be possible to make many entries?

not of the same kind, i mean theres not much effort in just swapping some colores and add a new font to a thing you created, theres a difference between effort and just copy paste your own work. just my opinion

I have a question. Many people created banners and animated images but not logotypes as you guys wanted. Is that going to be considered at all?

@Luciano Infanti 


In the rules it states "it should" doesnt mean it has to.

Yes, we wanted to give a freedom of creativity! 😀

Is there any possibility to change the specified character to receive the prizes? I was thinking about these brand new servers. And you know, new server, new life! 🙄

Yes, can write it down here or send me a private message


Would it be nice to know the winers of the contest :3. © 2020. All rights reserved.
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