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Logo Contest - Questions

My brother might have some photos of the original sketch, but im not sure about it.
Ps: Im not talented at least not with the PC xD my brother is, but he doesn't play Tibia anymore nor he lives with me anymore heheeh.
If I have some extra free time, I could try something else but I doubt i'll have more free time 😛 (School is a bitch)

Is it necessary that the Gif have motion?

Quote from revioj on 11 November 2016, 09:14

Is it necessary that the Gif have motion?

Nope, it doesn't have to be animated, just format is important (.gif) 🙂

I just made a post with variations of the same logo. Is that allowed? Or once it has changes background/color and sort it has to be done another post?


It is ok 🙂

For some reason when I save my pictures, their quality becomes worse. Is it fine to leave them in a bit worse quality, and in case I win anything I will provide raw files with better quality?


And by the way


>155 × 155 pixels (or less), png;
>250 × 65 pixels (or less), png.

"(or less)" means both parameters can be lower or it's just the height?


It can be lower in height and lenght, but preferable this dimensions (we always can add blank area and make it bigger)

I read something about the user yalafuno stole an image runes of magic,I wanted to know if this would affect me
I will be direct, can I take an image such as a green landscape and place it in my logo design?There will be a problem?

Depends which one. If it is someone's work you cannot use it.

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