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Logo Contest - Questions

This thread is made for discussions about logo contest - ask questions to the admins, comment etc.

Contest and rules:


Submissions thread:


Hello guys!

3. Entries must contain:
-Final versions of a new logo for TibiaBosses in the following dimensions and formats:
>150 × 100 pixels, gif;
>155 × 155 pixels (or less), png;
>250 × 65 pixels (or less), png. (this one we will probably use on site header, so it should match site layout- maybe transparent or in colours that allow us to put it on the top of the site)

-Creation stages like unfinished versions - at least 2 images (or an animated image) - or a video of the creation process.


Note, that submissions must contain all of those images (3 logos in different dimensions) + 2 images showing creation process! We can not judge your work if its not complete 🙂

Its possible to have some feedback? maybe we can get better our logo design.

On the submissions first post - I am updating it and writing which one of submission is valid. Sometimes people asking me which one submissions I like, but I think it is unfair to tell before contest finish.

  • the submission from swanie is stolen content from deviant art.

  • The submission from falayuno999 "might" also be stolen.,2.shtml

its an old runes of magic fanart, wich was made black and white and just added a blurr around it (i can do that aswell.)


  • The submission from Luis Angel Vasquez Conde has stolen content.



  • submission from swanie is again stolen

Thanks for pointing this out. Of course those entries cannot be valid.

"The submission from falayuno999 "might" also be stolen.,2.shtml

its an old runes of magic fanart, wich was made black and white and just added a blurr around it (i can do that aswell.)"


I know my entry is exactly that one. I actually did that one many years ago.
I started playing Tibia about 12 years ago, and about 8-9 years ago I made that fanart with some help of my brother (who knew a lot of "computational stuff").
As you can see in the link you posted (,2.shtml), right below the image, it says something interesting you might wanna take a look at: "Some images at this website may have been gathered from the internet. If any of them infringes your interest of copyright, please advise us as soon as posible"

View post on

I didnt steal it from nowhere. Some profile Facebook photos I've got (not that many) are in the internet and appear on Google images (msg me if u want me to prove it adding u ass a Facebook friend and then showing u some of my random Facebook photos in Google...), I dont know why and I don't know how, but It happened.
Ps: If you guys care about that copyright thingy, maybe we could do something about it by sending a message or something.
Ps#2: My brother's name is Simon, thats why there's a signature in the bottom right corner of the image.

Cya later guys.
Love your website <3





sadly you cant provide proof, all you did for the contest i can do aswell and im sure many others can.

If you have some proofs, you can send them on

I encourage you to make a new logo, there is still plenty of time, and you are talented person! 🙂 © 2020. All rights reserved.
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