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¿Is it posible to predict the undead cave bear respawn?

When i say predict i really mean the exact hour. I saw a video were someone stood on one of the three respawns and the Undead cave bear appeared in front of him.


Is there a specific time between respawns? if so, is it this specific hours after i have killed the first respawn? or is it random?


I don't know if it has specific hours, I catched mine at 22:14 at single spawn (right upper corner), my friend catched it at 20:16 in same spot few days after.

It for sure spawns 5h in between. Cause when I catched mine, at 3:14 two of them appeared in south spawn and 8:14 three of them spawned in left upper corner.

Edit: I was camping the upper left corner spawn and they appeared right next to me (awesome feeling:D)

Okay so I only have to kill/mount one of the respawns and wait 5h for the following respawn. thank you bijounasty! this makes me ask the following:

1-Do you know the time of respawn of the first respawn? is it 5h after ss?

2-Do I have to kill/mount the first respawn, so that the next respaws  spawn?

3-If I kill the south respawn 2h before ss, will the upper left respawn spawn 3h after ss?

  1. It can be 2h after, can be 5h after, or it can be 10h after, hard to say but I usually met them at around 11-15minutes after whole hour
  2. You have to kill or successfully mount the first spawn so in the next spawn 1 undead cavebear more appears - a friend didnt mount the first spawn (bear ran away) and only 1 bear spawned to the south, and only 2 to the left
  3. No, it wont appear after ss

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