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Interview with a boss-hunter: Pacssivia

Hi, Pacssivia, it's great that you agreed to give us an interview! First, tell us who Pacssivia is in real life and in the game? 

Hi! It is a great pleasure to be part of this interview. My name is Vitor Jorge, in Tibia my nick is Pacssivia, I'm 37 years old and I'm a stage photographer (theatre, music, and shows in general). I live in the Oceanic Region in Niterói in Rio de Janeiro.

How did your adventure with Tibia start?

I believe that, like the vast majority, some friends showed up with the game and ended up playing with the whole neighbourhood. It's been a while (lol), it's been more than 18 years since I started playing, I took a break from college and then came back with full force! 😛 

At the time, premium time was a problem, as you could only buy with an international card. We gathered everyone on the street to buy a single card, and for that, we had to find a caring parent who would let us use the credit card. Complicated! We ended up playing most of the time as Free Account and even then the adventures were diverse. Good times.


What do you like to do besides playing Tibia?

Just before the pandemic, I managed to fulfil a dream that was to leave the city and live “in the countryside”, to live close to the beaches I love. Without a doubt, one of my favourite things to do is go for a walk on the beach with my dogs.

Tell us something about your Tibia routine. What way of playing do you think best describes your character? Charlover, RPG player, or maybe you love to level up regularly? 

Without a doubt a great charlover! Hahaha 

I can easily say that I don't have a proper routine in Tibia. I really like to vary what I do all the time. Lately, the only things I can call routine are doing a boss rotation with people I just met in the game, checking the Femor Hills/Orc Fortress invasions, and checking the POI. 

Last year I changed from Lutabra (PVP) to Yonabra (nPVP) and ended up focusing a little on leveling up, but things don't always go the way we want and I ended up getting away from the hunts a little. Today I hunt a little.

If you are here, it means that you love bosses in Tibia as much as we do! How did your adventure in this "boss-business" start? 

This was certainly an important moment in Tibia. After I started playing again, after college, I became aware of the market and Tibia Coin, so I started to buy several items that I liked a lot and always wanted to have. After a while, this idea of ​​having everything bought didn't make sense anymore, after all this is an RPG! I started selling everything! Hahahaha 

In the search for meaning in the game and loving to collect achievements, I started researching “where do items come from”, then I discovered the existence of bosses. Obviously, I arrived at TibiaBosses and started the onslaught after them. Soon I found my first Vampire Lord and the first Zushuka, then things got out of hand (if you know what I mean… lol).

Do you have your favourite boss-hunters who inspire you? Did someone encourage you to try your hand at it? 

My interest in bosses came from my searches, as I said above, but along with that I ended up meeting several people and some of them inspire me. But without a doubt, the most important person in this whole journey was Alba Troz, for his companionship, dedication, and for having lived so many adventures together.

What is your relationship with other boss hunters on the server? 

This is an always exhausting question, not only among Boss Hunters, but throughout Tibia. I don't even get along with them on my server. You try to text and people just ignore it, they think we're all enemies, and they forget the fun part. I was for a few years in an incessant search for bosses and in a dispute with people I don't know, but today hunting bosses is fun for me. If I can get the boss I'm happy, if not, patience. There are people with more availability of time and patience than I do, I can't compete with them.

Tell us something about your greatest achievements and the loot you enjoyed the most! 

Unfortunately, I'm not a boss hunter that will expose here great valuable and diverse drops, but without a doubt my biggest achievement was completing my 100 vampire lord tokens, to earn the achievements. It took 9 long months of tireless pursuit of the Vampire Lords to complete this mission. That was very satisfying! Today I have more than 300 dead Vampire Lords!

 There was also a very unusual situation in 2020 with The Welter in Lutabra for the months of June, November, and December. Everyone dropped Shrunken Head Necklace! It was a great end to the year! 🙂

And are there any failures that you have had in this field? Any particular bad luck that happened to you while checking out bosses? 

As soon as I met Alba Troz, we discovered that we had makers on the same worlds, so we joined forces to try to kill the bosses on servers other than ours. In Gladera I was with a lvl 90 maker (druid). I logged into Zushuka and came face to face with the summons, I ran to the place where she appears, I climbed SSA, but I forgot to give Utamo Vita. When passing beside her I took a combo and died. 😛

This is just one of the millions of mistakes we make. Boss hunter's life is pretty exhausting. You spend a week on the prowl waiting for a boss and in the 5 minutes you decide to go to the bathroom he is born and someone kills him… Whoever has never experienced this, throw me the first Icy Cullotes!

Is there anything that you want and would like to get, but you haven't managed to do it yet? 

Wow, this list would be endless! I have some frustrations with the drop, for example, Tyrn. He's a boss who seems to have problems with me! To give you an idea: in order to kill him the first time I had to stay logged out for 25 days inside Drefia, because going there all the time wasn't enough to find him. Anyway, he isn't a boss that would like to drop the item. More for the time I spent on it and frustrated myself than for the love of the Sun Mirror. Another one I would really like to drop is Eye of The Storm. Everyone thinks Chakoya is cute and the Eye is one of the most beautiful boss items.

Is there an item you've looted that is special to you? 

My first Icy Culottes! Zushuka was the first “big” boss I encountered and was always very kind to me when it came to drops. I was getting back into the game and I was at the beginning of my journey as a Boss Hunter. I hadn't understood how this colorful loot message worked. It was 7 am, I was sleepy, I arrived at the respawn to do the first check in the morning and Zushuka was there. All that tension of facing her for the first time! I killed and didn't see yellow loot, I thought to myself “nothing fell, what a shame”. But the loot came out blank and I didn't see it. When I opened the reward bag, I almost fainted when I saw Icy Culottes! I couldn't make any noise, because everyone here in the house was sleeping and I wanted to scream! Anyway, this item brings me good memories and has a special meaning for me.

Do you sell your looted items, or do you keep them as memorials of your boss adventures? 

Some items I keep and others I sell - depend a lot on my financial situation in the game. If I already have the item and if it is useful as equipment or not.

What do you miss about the game, being a boss-hunter. Do you have any interesting ideas about what CipSoft could change or add to make our adventures with bosses more interesting?

I miss the simpler boss drops. It doesn't have to be something amazing, but an item that proves you killed those bosses. For example: the Midnight Panther and the Undead Cavebear. Even though they're not bosses, the paw and head are good trophies.

I've always found the boss drop system, in general, to be very flawed. They talk about participation and stuff like that, but it doesn't make much sense to me. The system is not very clear about this participation. I don't have a suggestion on the subject, but I believe that on the forum several people gave drop system options. There is a need to update this system.

 We all have a lot of theories about bosses. Is there any advice you'd like to share with newcomers to this topic? 

It's no use hitting pick on the ground, you won't discover a secret hole in Tibia! hahaha

Jokes aside, one thing I notice a lot in Tibia is the lack of interest in reading. Tibians like to watch videos and go into action. One piece of advice I'd like to share is: if you want to discover something, you'll have to read everything you come across until some of your ideas stop being daydreams and make sense within the game's story.

Besides the theory about the bosses, do you have any theories about the loot? Any special items that you believe are from a boss but haven't looted yet?

For a long time, Zarabustor intrigued me about the drop. I went after him so many times that I get tired just remembering the way to Demona. I believed (or do I believe?) that there is some drop from it. Warlocks are important creatures in the game, I would like to see someone dropping something from them someday.

Do you have any tips for the player starting out in the Boss Hunter life?

If you want to be a boss hunter, dedicate most of your time to reading the TibiaBosses forum. There's a lot of information there that will help you spend less time checking bosses or have more success with your checks. Try to make friends in this environment instead of creating enemies, that's the main thing for me, we can't forget that this is just a game and it's meant to be fun.

How has our site helped you in checking out the bosses? How did you find out about

As I said above, I ended up finding TibiaBosses in a search for information about bosses and there I found a new world that optimized my time and my searches for bosses. It was a watershed without a doubt, between spending a lot of time wasted trying to unravel the bosses and getting real information about them.

What's your favourite boss?

I prefer a top 3:

1) Zushuka

2) Furyosa

3) Ocyakao

It's true that it's hard to decide because of all three yield incredibly beautiful and valuable items! Thank you Pacssivia for agreeing to give us such an extensive interview, and we are glad that you will thus become part of the story!