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Idea for fansite item contest - Submissions thread


Nickname: Golden Tivit

World: Astera

Item name: Bosshunter Binocular

You see a Bosshunter binocular.
It weighs 9.50 oz.
It was awarded by TibiaBosses.
Legends say ancients used it to look for rare and dangerous creatures.

We currently know many rare and dangerous creatures. Long time ago people thought some of these creatures existed only in myths. Rumors say that a group of people, known as The Bosshunters, dedicated to find these creatures - especially the most powerful of each species - and to prove they existed in Tibia. As the Bosshunters didn't know the power and the exact habitat of these creatures, they used this binocular to locate them at a safe distance. The spells to activate the binoculars have been lost as generations have passed. Nobody knows exactly how to operate it nowadays.

“Something isn’t working.”
“Check for manual!”


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Nickname: Jedoheva

World: Gentebra

Item name: Little Boss Doll

Text item: You see a little boss doll. It weighs 17.50 oz. A doll with knowledge and history must be respected. This item was awarded by

Description: It's a yeti doll (from fansite) using a suit and necktie, like a boss, maybe a chalk stripe suit. Your legs are without any pants, just the fur. When you click, it gets angry, open her mouth and shaking its hands, like a real boss.

History: With a great noise, the whole city was frightened by the arrival of a new creature. The purity of the people who lived there were transformed into revolt when a large and hairy monster, claws and big feet frightened the fishermen and children of the region. 

Those who fished and hunted bears in the proximity, found themselves trapped and were forced to climb the mountain, knowing that those who lived there were nothing compared to the creature that had followed them. From the top of the mountain they've heard the cries of the creature with the big feet. The trail left by him was marked and encased in the rocks he had passed.

The knowledge of the elders was not enough to bring peace to the villagers, so the warriors and adventurers joined forces to drive the abominable creature from their land. Leaving the city with weapons in hand, the warriors climbed into the boat and raised the sails. 

The battle lasted a few days and the wounded beast could not stand the power of the people. in this way, people realized the importance of union and to show bravery and loyalty to the city, they created an item for children to remember the story their ancestors lived. A small doll in the shape of the defeated creature, with a comic costume, demonstrating the strength that the people had before their greatness.

Sounds of the item: Yooodelaaahooohooo!!! <Player> You need to prove your skills and loyalty to touch me. This way, we are going to conquer the world. Hail Tibiabosses!


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Name: Zynza
World: Olera

Stage 1:
Item name:
Description: You see a Tempocatcher.
Sound: “PUFF!…” 

You see a Tempocatcher.
It weighs 21.00 oz.
Legacy of Banor first boss hunter, blessed by Umur. This item was awarded by 

Stage 2:
Item name:
Confused Doll.
Description: You see a Confused Doll.
Sound: “Where i am…?” “Why im here..?” “Bosses huh?”

You see a Confused Doll.
It weighs 21.00 oz.
Undoubtedly the most exotic doll, only can be seen for a few seconds.


From the beginning, the human race has been characterized for being very intuitive in its way of facing the world full of disadvantages. However, this peculiar race had the guidance of the first human / half-god Banor , for centuries he get adapted to great wars searching tranquility and stability of his people. 

This particular object has been blessed by the gods in response to the prayers of Banor that seeks the oddities that the world and the old races legacy had left, he formed his own. Hunting and discovering the fruitful Tibian lands, the tempocatcher allowed him to discover great treasures that forged great legends of today. 

In honor of the first hunter of Bosses and all his legacy.



Personal Opinión:

I think a doll is a great option, especially when we talk about the Yeti, I've been hunting for several years, bosses and I dare say that on 3 occasions I saw it they never throw a rare. So, I wanted to combine those 2 factors, on the one hand the time (tempo created by umur) justifying a little what it takes us to look every spot and the doll representing all the effort to see it (Worth that few seconds)... How to integrate both with the lore of tibia, well i see on the beginning of the human race was on disadvantages, there was the scary dragon races, old and isolated races like eleves and dwarft, with economically, culturally and militarily more advanced that human race.
The bravery of Banor allowed us to know the tools that would give the tranquility of our tibian Friends.





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nickname : Sosseguilda

World : Vunira

Name Item: Yeti  Token

description/story: It looks like a vampire lord token but with horns of the yeti, fangs and fur. When you look the item it makes a joke of lots of new players who die in your first visit to ice lands and find a boss without knowing .

Text: You see an Yeti token. It weights 5.00 oz. You defeated the Yeti or the Yeti defeated you? Well at least you found it. This item was awarded by TibiaBosses.


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Nickname: Golden Tivit

World: Astera

Item name: The source of Orshabaal's power

You see The Source of Orshabaal's Power.
It weighs 120.00
This heavy bright box is full of unknown matter.

Story: It’s been a long time since Orshabaal lives in the deepest dungeons next to Edron. In the old times, Orshabaal decimated groups of the most powerful fighters. Humanity had studied this Demon Lord for decades and currently know most of his abilities in details. Over the years, many battle strategies were developed and enhanced to defeat this dreaded creature. Nowadays Orshabaal is not the hardest challenge for strong fighters anymore. A group of researchers recently found a bright and heavy box inside his corpse. This box is made of an unknown material, which looks like glass, but it seems to be indestructible. Inside the box, there is a diversity of obscure substances. Rumors say this box keeps the source of Orshabaal’s power.

Description: It’s a box made of a material similar to glass but indestructible. Inside this box, there is a black substance (similar to smoke) floating and moving. Sometimes we can see lightning and fire shining through this black smoke, like the birth of a very small star.

When using this item, some thunders appear inside the box for a short period.
"Whoooom... Tzzsss..."


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Ellona The Shieldmaiden


Item Name:
Byets the Good-Looking (B for BOSS and Yets name. It's a pun with Beat this).

You see a Byets the Good-Looking.
It weighs 16.50 oz.
It was awarded by TibiaBosses.
After hunting countless bosses, this is the perfect time to relax and drink a coffee.

"Yooodelaaahooohooo, would be the sound I would make if it were not a doll"
"Did you meet a boss by any chance? Today may be your lucky day"
"This is the time for afternoon coffee. Maybe we can find any boss later."

Description and Story:
A true warrior is not only recognized by his fighting power, but by the path he has traced to where he is. Today you've knocked down a number of bosses and it's time to take some time out and have breakfast. Their quest is incessant, rumors do not stop, but even for the greatest hunter of all, relaxing is an option. Byets became the hunter number one and today it is recognized by all the Tibians like TibiaBosses reward.

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Nickname: Mary Jane Miquerynus

World: Kalibra

Item Name: Mad Compass

Text: You see a Mad Compass. It weighs 6.66 oz. Maybe this Mad Compass takes you somewhere. It was awarded by TibiaBosses.

Sounds: "Where to go?" "I think it's become mad!" "Seems it's broken, better check at!"

Description and Story: "Requested by Angus from the Explorer Society with objective to find rarely seen monsters. The best inventor from Tibia's lands, Rapanaio, created the Mad Compass. The Mad Compass seens to be mad or even broken sometimes but who knows where the next rare creature will respawn."

Sketch of the item: I think it could be silver with symbol TB cyan or golden with symbol TB yellow. Needle one side red other black. Wind rose black and white. Inside backgound white.

The compass will be closed(stage1). when clicked will open it(stage2) and rotate the needle for 2-3 seconds and randomly sound one of the mensages.

Hope you guys like, really sorry for my bad english and camera!

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Druid's Pipe

- Paralocksz
- Druid's Pipe
- You see Druid's Pipe. A old Druid, lost it. It weighs 1.20 oz.
- For many years, a tribe of craftsmanship druids disappeared, sometimes we find some vestige of their handicrafts, but never anyone from that tribe.
- Some smoke and wind sounds.

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Nickname: Fario Anroar

World: Secura

Name of the item: Map of the Ancients

Text shown: This map is marked in several spots, reminding the owner of his unique adventures and personas met.

Story of the item: Mark lived in one of Tibian cities. He was a man with a happy family - a wife, a son and a daughter. He was working as an accountant in one of most visited Tibian banks. He hardly had a weekends off. Though, he was satisfied with the money he was earning and he could ensure his family a 'normal life'. He had accepted his faith as a chair-sitting worker, not born for anything unusual or any world-changing discoveries.

On a regular Monday his son, during a presentation in the primary school, had to tell the class about his family. Although it always feels awkward to talk about our beloved ones on that age, he described his dad as a loving father of his and her sister. However, the most of the class reacted with sadness or contempt, when he described his father's job as an office worker. He heard that some of his friends started to talk behind his back about the extremely boring job and life of his family.

He managed to get through the day. Disconsolate, he came back home. Not long after, his father came back home and heard his son complaining about his father's job. Mark heard he's a boring nerd, just counting someone else's money the whole day long. He saw that it hit his son hard and took the joy out of him, having a 'loving father'.

It made Mark thinking. He loved his son much more than his job or money. He didn't want him to feel unhappy because of the type of the job he's doing. Due to his loans of saved money, he came up with the idea on going on the adventure of his life. He knew he needs to prepared for the worst, so besides some food and drink and cosmetics for start, he also took an extremely sharp sword he once got from his grandfather. Before leaving, he came up with an idea of taking the map with him, to keep him oriented. He left his family with some amount of money for living and left, leaving a note to his wife: 'I can't stand looking at our unhappy and lifeless son, my dear. Please, take care of everything. I promise I will be back. Always loving Mark'. Since then, no one have seen him for almost 3 years.

During this time, his family was trying to carry on. It was hard, but his wife was doing a great job taking care of the house and their children. They all tried to believe that Mark one day will come back, though they haven't known where he left. His son tried not to show his friends at school that he was unhappy and pretended in front of them like nothing changed, but at home he cried few times a week.

One day, he was on his way home. Once he left the school building, tears were started to gather in his eyes, as it happened quite often. When someone called him by his name, he try to quickly dry his tears and turned to see, who is that. When he did, the tears, but - unlikely - tears of happiness - started flooding his eyes. The one standing in front of him was Mark - a bit unshaven, cut and bruised, but it was his beloved father who was gone for a few years.

The only thing Mark brought back home was his worn backpack and a map with places marked. He told that he had been to all these places and is going to write a book soon about his adventures. But for then, he needed a long rest to put it all together in his head.

Sounds of the item: '*map rustles* Oh, my bones still remember all those places and beasts there.'


Hope you dropped a tear or at least liked that story haha




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