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Idea for a Fansite Item Contest - Submissions Thread

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Name : Itz Niir

World : Guardia /Bona

Name of the Item : Unfathomable Globe.

Text Item : You see an Unfathomable Globe. It weights 37.00 oz.

Description and Story :

A precious globe made entirely of gold. Legend says that its owner gains an endless wealth. Awarded by


For hundred years, Mages from Edron Academy were known for stargazing. Not only from a scientist point of view, but also as a hobby. They loved watching the sky. Unfortunately, their telescopes were badly damaged after one of the storm. None in town knew how to repair such a complicated machine as telescope.

Some villager told the Mages that they should ask for help a guy called Kayden. Everyone in town called him a handyman. He knew how to repair a lot of stuff. He must have gotten that from his father who was a bosshunter. Kayden, as a young boy, travelled a lot with his father, who taught him a lot of stuff. Unfortunately his father died during one of his battles. Kayden was transported to Edron with sailors and he decided to stay in this town. He did not have enough money to continue travelling and killing bosses, so he started to work as a handyman. People were really thankful for his work because he was really precise and careful in his job.

The Mages asked him for a help. He agreed almost immediately. The repair of the telescopes was really complicated. Kayden was working whole day and night to finish it as soon as possible. One day there was a really big thunderstorm outside, in one moment the thunderbolt hit the tower, where Kayden was working. Mages came immediately inside the tower and asked if Kayden was okay. But he was fine and he continued his work. After he almost finished repairing the telescopes, he noticed weird and bright marks on a globe that stood in the corner. He understood that the lightningbolt did hit the globe. Kayden did not understand why such signs appeared on the globe but he decided to not tell anything about this accident to anyone. He also decided to steal this globe from the Mages.

Mages were surprised that Kayden did not want anything for such a hard work. Also they did not notice that globe is missing from the tower. But they did not suspect anything. Kayden was a really good guy and he  was respected a lot in whole city.

Kayden decided to follow a path that appeared on the globe. He noticed that this path led to the bog raider's boss in Edron. He went there to check why the globe wants him to go there. After he arrived to the cave, he noticed that the boss appeared there. But Kayden did not bring anything with him so he could not fight the boss – he had to run away. He came back to town, brought his equipment and went back to the cave to fight the boss. After he killed the boss, he noticed that new path appeared on the globe. He understood that this globe works like a radar for bosses and shows him which boss had spawned.

Kayden used to hunt the bosses for a really long time with huge help from the globe. Unfortunately, the dragon's boss proved to be smarter than rest of the bosses. Kayden had to run away from the fighting field. He had to leave the globe in that place, otherwise he could die. After some time Kayden decided to come back to that place but he did not find either the boss and the globe that he left.

Kayden came back to Edron. In the city's gate, the Mages were waiting for him. They were furious about the fact that he stole their globe. This globe was not only made full of gold, but also it had some magical abilities. Mages decided to put Kayden in jail. After few years they released him from prison, but he had to promise them that he is not going to hunt bosses anymore.

Till now none knows what happened with the globe.

Sound : " Hail TibiaBosses! " "Hail Nickname!" " We are so close " " I'm Your Guide " "Time to get rich"

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Entry #3

Char Name: Derigard

World: Astera

Item name: Master Mind

Text itemYou see Master Mind. It weighs 32.00 oz. One of the oldest mysteries in Tibia. Awarded by

Story itemThere's not too much to tell about this weird Artifact brain shaped, it was found in the depths of Demona, long time ago. The name is kinda nickname gave by the citizens due to his strange form, nobody knows the truth behind this artifact. Some magicians think it is the Holy Grail of all knowledge and wisdom in Tibia, the key for something incredible, maybe divine. It exhale kind of a divine essence for those who followed the path of magic and wisdom, a superior power.

Item sounds"There's nothing for you in this realm, mortal!!","Do you want to know the truth, don't you, <Char name>?","Maybe I can share my knowledge with you, <Char name>...", "I can tell you all about the universe!"., " is my only master!"



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Char: Didi Hadid

World: Zanera

Name of the item: Lumyeti (It comes from Lumen which means "light" in Latin + Yeti)

You see the Lumyeti. It weighs 25.20 oz. This harmless yeti will light your way to bosses. It was awarded by

Description: It's a permanently animated bedside lamp, the glowing part works like the crystal of balance, the light blue
gel keeps moving. It also provides 6 sqm of blue light.

Story: This lamp was created by Spectulus, the inventor and scientist of Edron, with the help of his magic academic
As a great inventor, he started to think about a way to create some sort of device to predict the appearance of bosses in
Tibia, so he began working with a gel inside a strong glass, he took this item to all the bosses spawns in Tibia, and
observed the circumstances before and after bosses spawned such as temperature, humidity, wind, soil characteristics, etc,
everything that could possibly change, it obviously took him a long time but he didn't give up. Then with all the
information that had been collected he confined himself in his lab and started making calculations. After he had done his
part, Spectulus finally asked his wise magician friends to use their most powerful magic on the gel, when they did it,
however, there was an explosion inside the glass, it was so strong they all were thrown away. Luckly the glass was strong
enough and didn't break. The gel became blue after that. They tried to see if the device was working properly but all they
saw was the gel moving around the glass on and on, so Spectulus concluded the experiment had failed, but the item was so
bright and beautiful he could not throw it away, so he had an idea! He built a cute Yeti (his favorite boss) with claws
holding the glass, to work like a bedside lamp and gave it as present to King Tibianus, this way it would be useful at
least! What Spectulus didn't know is that if you have enough patience to keep looking the gel inside of it will take
different shapes... Shapes of random bosses that are spawned at the moment, rumors say. But the only way to know if this is true or not, is owning this precious bedside lamp.

Sounds when used:

Come closer <player's name>, can you see a boss?
Let me illuminate that for you.
I'm the cutest bedside lamp you'll ever see!
Hail Tibia Bosses!


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Character: Violetissime

World: Harmonia

Name of the item: Black Lotus

Text shown after looking into it: You see a Black Lotus. It weights 2.0 oz. This legendary flower rarely blooms in the most unfathomable swamps of Tibia. Awarded by

StoryThis legendary plant grows in the most unfathomed and treacherous swamps of Tibia, and it is ranked amongst the most exotic and beautiful flowers to ever exist. The stories tell that when Crunor feels moved by an extraordinarily heroic or altruistic deed, a Black Lotus blooms somewhere in Tibia, something that would not happen very often. Alchemists from all continents value them for their extraordinary properties, and they will pay exorbitant amounts of gold to adventurers so that they will fight the fiercest monsters to get to a specimen of this plant for them, as they are only found in the most remote and unknown places. It is said that even the Tibian gods feel allured by the vision and fragrance of a Black Lotus. Be careful though, as these flowers hold an incredible power, and their perfume is as deeply exquisite as it is highly toxic.

Sounds of the item:

  1. The beauty of this flower leaves you flabbergasted!
  2. The alluring perfume of the Black Lotus inundates the whole room
  3. So much power!
  4. As you touch the petals, you sense the hidden power of the flower and you quickly move your hand away...
  5. As you smell the Black Lotus, you are engulfed by a oneiric experience and you fall into a deep slumber...


It is a black lotus flower sitting on a lotus leaf. On a normal state, the flower will start to glow slowly in a purple aura and the stamens will glitter with a few pinkish sparks; then that light will slowly disappear and the flower will return back to normal.

When the item is used, the reaction will be in line with the text displayed (below, the reactions will be referenced by the number they had in the previous list):

1, 2 and 3. The flower will glow very intensely in purple as though as it is concentrating an immense power, then it will return back to its normal state

4. Sparks will flash in a radius around the flower (similar to exori, maybe a slightly bigger radius)

5. The animation of the character that used the flower will change into a sleeping animation for 3 seconds


Below I leave a drawing I have finished today representing how I envision this flower

Black Lotus

Hope you like it! And thanks TibiaBosses for organizing this great event!



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Name : Itz Niir

World : Guardia /Bona

Name of the Item : Enigmatic Mirror

Text Item : You see an Enigmatic Mirror. It weights 21.00 oz.

Description and Story :

The smartest mirror in game. It cointains answers for all the secrets. Awarded by

Sherman was a diviner, he was known for predicting the future. Except that he knew almost everything about Tibia and its history. He spent his whole childhood in library, reading about Tibia's history, legends and myths.

Sherman was cooperating with the most influential people in Tibia. He was a really honorable, kind and loyal guy. He used to warn rulers of the biggest city in Tibia about raids and attacks caused by powerful monsters. One of his biggest friend was King of Thais. Sherman used to warn him about many attacks, The King was really thankful to him and he could always count on Sherman.

One day he met a witch named Phoebe. She lived in the north of Carlin. He felt in love with her at first sight. A lot of people warned him that Phoebe is not that perfect as she looks, but he ignored them. Sherman was popular in the whole Tibia and everyone liked him. The witch decided to use that fact, that he felt in love with her, against him. Phoebe convinced him that a king of Thais is just an ordinary man and a guy like this should not rule such a big city. She claimed that they are special and they should rule in Thais, it would be safer for their inhibitants. He agreed with her.

Few days later, Sherman had a meeting with a King of Thais. The king was worried about orcs, he heard that they want to attack Thais in next days. Sherman told him that it is not true, and he should not be worried about that. He listened to Sherman because he never failed him before.

However, Phoebe decided to betray Sherman. She did not love Sherman, she was just waiting for the right moment to betray him out and get a profit from that. She visited the King of Thais and told him that Orc attack is real. He believed her since a lot of people told him in Town that they had seen some orcs around the gates to the town.

He defeated the army of orcs and went to visit Sherman. He decided to punish him but he didn't know how. Sherman was really surprised that Phoebe told everything to the King. He really loved her. The witch said that if the King cannot decide about a right punishment for Sherman, she has a good idea. She wanted to put Sherman in the enigmatic mirror. The King agreed and Sherman was stuck in the mirror for rest of his life.

For a long time, Phoebe used Sherman's knowledge and his talent about predicting the future for her own business. She promised Sherman to rescue him after she gets enough money for equipment for her army of amazons. She wanted to get the best equipment for her army and take, her beloved city – Carlin, over the Queen.

In some day, King of Thais decided to visit Phoebe. He did not hear anything from her for quite some time. He didnt find Phoebe in his place, but he noticed Sherman inside the enigmatic mirror. They spoke for some time. Sherman told him everything about how he was betrayed by Phoebe and about her plans towards Queen of Carlin. King of Thais didn't believe him but Sherman told him to open Phoebe's wardrobe. The King saw in wardrobe a few armors which was made of the rarest materials in the whole continent of Tibia. Except that, he also found her plan about invading the city. The King finally trusted Sherman. They both made a plan to attack Phoebe from behind, while she was invading Carlin. They defeated the witch and put her in jail. The King also ordered to rescue Sherman out of the enigmatic mirror. Unfortunately she refused to do that. The King asked the most powerful mages from Tibia to help Sherman, but none knew how to do that.

Sherman was trapped in the mirror forever.

Sound :  Hail TibiaBosses!' ' Hail Nickname!' 'Ask me anything you want!' ' Im here ! ' ' Can I tell You a secret, Nickname ?'

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Nickname: Roham

World: Calmera

Item name: Warlock´s Hand

Text itemYou see a Warlock´s Hand. It weighs 5.00 oz.

                         It seems charged with the elements.
DescriptionThe hand of a warlock, charged with the elements.


Story item: "Through the history of tibia, the warlock, has torn this world with their powers. This hand was trapped in a dark stand were it remains. Silently, waiting for its owner to arrive and together yield chaos."

Item sounds"Bzzzzzt","Fruuuugsh!","Bloooop", "Woooouw".

Warlocks Hand

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Nickname: Roham

World: Calmera

Item name: Royal Winged Helmet

Text itemYou see a Royal Winged Helmet. It weighs 17.00 oz.

 You hear the ancient war drums and feel a gentle wind.

Description: Royal Winged helmet, suggested colors, silver, gold, and light blue.


Story item: “The royal winged helmet, used by the Thais troops during the ancient tibia times. Real heroes used this helmet along with the winged helmet."

Item sounds"Soft wind whispers inside…" “Ancient war drums play far away…"

Royal Winged Helmet

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Nickname: Roham

World: Calmera

Item name: Gladiator Doll

Text itemYou see a Gladiator Doll. It weighs 28.00 oz.

                    This Cute Gladiator Doll seems ready to fight
Description: Gladiator Doll


Story item: "This Gladiator doll seems it have seen plenty of fights and wars. It was a gift to the champion of the Arena Torunament."

Item sounds"My name is Gladiator.", "At my signal, unleash hell.", "strength and honor! ".

Gladiator Doll

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2nd Post -

Nickname: Delta Sin

World: Mortera (soon to be Firmera)

Item Name: Essence of The Riptide

Text Item: You see the Essence of The Riptide. It weighs 75.0 oz. You can’t help but notice the sails moving. Awarded by

Description and Story:

Description: The Riptide when not used is encased in a corked bottle. When used the bottle shatters and the riptide comes to life as a small replica of a real size ship (I envision it a bit larger than the model ship in game and facing at a diagonal; difficult to draw) and animates with its sails blowing in the wind and riding a wave with the front end of the ship dipping and climbing with a wave as if it were sailing in place. I also imagine maybe some lightning to give the feeling of treacherous seas. The ship itself has three sails, the largest being in the middle with the initials TB to represent I envision the sails being black (and TB in white). Or vice versa. After its use the ship reverts back to its normal size in the bottle. [Sounds made can be viewed below].

Story: King Tibianus prided himself on the fleet of ships under his command. What most commoners don’t know however, is one ship out-sailed and out-maneuvered them all. It was only used in dire circumstances, be it to sail past treacherous waters where no ship has sailed before, outrun menacing sea monsters, or to undergo covert missions. The ship was known as The Riptide. It is said that H.L. was its first and only captain. H.L. lead many forces of King Tibianus’ best knights to the corners of Tibia. The Riptide granted them access to never before seen lands and creatures. There have been legends told of the white furry giant from the northern ice islands, the swamp beast of the Edron caves, numerous vampire lords and even a wyrm said to be stronger than the elders. The list goes on and the legends live on.

H.L. however began to notice the effects of such travels and the fear these creatures began instilling in his knights. It is said some of these knights deserted and escaped to the swamps west of Venore for fear that some of these creatures would make it to the mainland to wreak terror. Every so often you can see these knights in black armor if you ever live to tell the tale. During one of H.L.’s last missions off the coast of the Plains of Havoc, he confronted a group of mermaids who made him and his crew silly drunk. Upon awakening the next morning, they realized The Riptide was gone. The crew confronted several mermaids lounging on the beach and kept them hostage until someone divulged what had just occurred. It had turned out that the monk Fernfang from the Isle of Mists paid these mermaids to steal it as he knew the ship would only lead to discovering more terrible creatures. To H.L.s horror, once landing on the Isle of Mists, he found The Riptide shrunken and encased in a corked bottle, its sails beating to an invisible wind. It is said that a riddle was found next to this bottle and that the only way to release The Riptide would be to the tune of a wooden whistle. Fernfang was known to wear a wooden whistle around his neck but he his rarely ever seen these days. Several years passed, and H.L. retired, settling down with outlaws, ruing the day he was tricked by the mermaids. It is said this is why he is not so fond of females and refuses to tell any tales for he continues to be embarrassed of the tale.

Item Sounds: "Aye aye captain [Player’s Name]!" "In honor of King Tibianus!" “Set the sails, there are new lands on the horizon!” "Raise the anchor, a new creature has been spotted!" "You call this a storm!?" "Hail!"


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Nickname: Skivipipopop

World: Estela

Item name: Bunny doll.

Text item: You see a bunny doll. It weighs 6.50 oz. Squeezing it seems to have a soothing effect on your mind. It may come in handy when your bosshunting is not going your way. Brought to you by

Story item:  This item was developed by the therapuetic team of for a devoted bosshunter who was on the verge of losing his mind from all the misfortune he was encountering throughout his career. The frustration of always finding dead bodies of the bosses he was looking for, or seeing the ones he actually found alive, disappear in front of his eyes, nearly made this poor guy lose his mind. To prevent this from happening, he went to see a therapist. After a few sessions, the therapist gave him this squeeze doll, as a tool to soothe his mind whenever the feelings of frustration and/or distress started coming back. The doll was designed to match the item most desired by the patient, namely, bunnyslippers.

Item sounds: "Squeeze"-text over the item when used, and an animation where the arms/legs move slightly up and down/in and out, head and eyes grow bigger, and body is slightly compressed (imagine squeezing it by the torso).


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