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How to upload images?

If you want to upload your image, simply past direct link to the forum message ([img]....[/img] is no needed).

You can also click on insert/edit image.

To do this, you need to upload your screenshots to the server, for example Imgur

If you already have your screenshots in our gallery, you can simply go there, choose one, right click on it and choose "show image" to get the image link.

That apply also to gifs, you can post it here for example gifs of monsters / items from Tibia by just simply pasting their adress.


Now editor is more advanced, you can insert tables, videos, and much more options!

I also want to mention that it is the best to paste direct links to the images on forum. Example:

direct link:

link to post on imgur:

You will know that it is direct link to image if it ends in the link by for example .png .jpg .gif etc. If you do not know how to get direct link - click on the image, and then "show image" © 2020. All rights reserved.
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