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How to upload images?


If you want to upload your image, simply copy-paste the direct link to the forum post - [img]...[/img] is no needed.

How to get the direct link? All you have to do is to upload your screenshots to the hosting server, preferably: Imgur. Then just click the right button on your mouse and choose "copy image URL". Remember to paste the direct link. It means that it has to end with the format of the image, for example: .jpg, .png.


You can also click on insert/edit image.

To do this, you need to upload your screenshots to the hosting server, preferably: Imgur.

Pasting gifs works analogously. You have to paste or upload a direct link to the animation (ending with ".gif").


The last option to upload an image is to select the "Upload Files" button at the bottom of the post editing window.
Selecting it searches your computer for the photo, and uploads it to the site.

This is the worst possible option because it only shows a thumbnail of the photo (enlargement requires a click) and only allows you to attach a single image.

Now editor is more advanced, you can insert tables, videos, and much more options!