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How much does Arcane Insignia cost?

I have this item:

You see an arcane insignia.
It weighs 13.50 oz.
CM Rejana on Calmera wrote on 04. Sep 2014: Thank you for helping us with your feedback about mounts!

How much is it worth?


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  • Arcane-insignia.png

Arcane Insignia costs around 10 to 30 kk. Well, at least according to the TibiaQA's topic:

thanks for reply, i saw the article but i know that CM Rejana is famous and i thought it may cost more because of that

I think that the price of items signed by the CipSoft crew can only matter in the case of developers (so-called "gods") of this game themselves.

Rejana works as a Community Manager and signs every such medal, and trophy. I have dozens of such myself. The only exception when she doesn't sign these items is the period of her vacation, when she is replaced in this by CM Mirade.