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Glorious Trophy Contest! - Submissions Thread

My last submission!

Scarlett Etzel's pet basket. These snake babies appear cute but their appearance is deceitful. They are protected by their snake mother.

Here the process picture, again as a collage:

Here a little bit enlarged:

This little trophy is made of polymer clay, baked and painted a little.

My character name is Favarona and I play on Harmonia.

Yours, Favarona <3



Character: Eternal Hunger

World: Antica

Monster: Rotworm Queen

Item: Crysknife


Final result:



Story behind:

Dear Amaro,

I hope you are well.

I am writing to you this email as I have to inform you of what I just learned! I am sure you will be shocked the same way as I was when I heard that news.
The only one and lost artefact of the wild Tribe of Nomads from the deepest parts of the desert… it was seen again!
Some folks in the tavern, after several pints of delicious brew, started to claim that they were in the expedition of protecting this glorious item during reallocation to the news sanctum. Certainly, we both know that this is just a cover and they must have been a part of the group who has stolen this from the tombs!
Nevertheless, I dared to ask them further regarding the blade. They described it as I remember it- dagger created from the tooth of the mightiest Rotworm of the desert plated with the silver. They also confirmed that it still has the gem which we thought could be a Soul Ruby! So, you understand why I believed them straight away.
They have told me that during their expedition, part of their group-including them- collapsed in the sand hole. They found themselves in one of the caves with your friends… After long hours of roaming and the fights with Rotworms, exhausted they noticed her… Rotworm Queen. She must have been enraged as she attacked their troop with full force. Most of them didn’t make it and the items which they carried has been dropped around- including the dagger! One of them claimed they saw the Queen swallowing the dagger along with their friends during the attack.
The gossip will be spread soon and everyone will try to get this trophy…so we must hurry!

Your Truthfully



Time's up!

Wow, we have huge amount of wonderful artwork!

If your entry is not marked as invalid, it means that it is VALID and it will be considered to be chosen as the winning proposition!

Thank you for your effort! Process of choosing the winners can last for about 2-3 weeks. In the meantime, all contestants will receive one month of premium time on TibiaBosses! 🙂 © 2020. All rights reserved.
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